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18 Best Travel Startups to See the World And Work Remotely

As the world continues to transition to a hybrid workforce environment, there are many travel startups that give you a sense of community, and office like vibe while being able to work remotely. Remote working is more and more becoming the norm for the next generation of the global workforce. Whethe


As the world continues to transition to a hybrid workforce environment, there are many travel startups that give you a sense of community, and office like vibe while being able to work remotely.

Remote working is more and more becoming the norm for the next generation of the global workforce.

Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, freelancer, or creative there are many great travel startups out there that make it easy for your work and travel adventures.

You can choose to travel to remote parts of the world or to some of the most classic cities the world has ever known.

According to UpWork, 36% of the US workers (57.3 million) are freelancers who work remotely.

They collectively contribute $1.4 trillion to the economy every year! By 2020 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers.

Working remotely can certainly have its benefits.

One of those of course is travel.

The ability to work remotely anywhere in the world that has a wifi connection can be very powerful.

This creates the ability to see new cultures, learn new languages, discover new foods, and create a new influx of economic development for places around the world that have not traditionally had tourism dollars coming in.

This clearly shows a shift in the want to travel globally. In turn, this global discovery tour has no doubt enabled social entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creatives, to get even more creative and build things they may have never thought they would.

I believe we are seeing a fundamental shift in how humanity and global economies will exist in the next couple of decades.

Creating global businesses, relationships, and teams has never been more achievable.

Best Travel Startups for Remote Work

Remote Year

Remote Year

Remote Year is a pioneering travel startup that has revolutionized the way people work and explore the world simultaneously.

Offering innovative work and travel programs, Remote Year brings together a community of digital nomads who are able to maintain their jobs while embarking on an immersive journey to various international destinations.

The company curates unique itineraries that span multiple months, allowing participants to experience the culture, sights, and experiences of different cities while working remotely.

With a strong emphasis on building connections, Remote Year provides a supportive environment for professionals to collaborate, network, and create lasting memories together.

Whether in bustling urban centers or off-the-beaten-path locales, Remote Year enables individuals to achieve a harmonious balance between work and adventure, opening up a world of possibilities for remote work and global exploration.


Selina presents an expansive global network of boutique hostels, co-working spaces, and wellness experiences that cater to the needs of modern travelers seeking both work and adventure.

With a focus on creating vibrant and inspiring environments, Selina’s offerings are tailor-made for those who wish to work remotely while immersing themselves in diverse cultures and stunning landscapes.

From dynamic co-working spaces that foster collaboration to thoughtfully designed accommodations that promote comfort and creativity, Selina provides an all-encompassing ecosystem for digital nomads and remote workers.

Whether it’s the chance to work by the beach, in a bustling city center, or amidst tranquil natural surroundings, Selina ensures an enriching experience that combines productive work with meaningful exploration.


Best Travel Startups That Make It Easy To See The World And Work Remotely
Best Travel Startup – Roam

Roam is a coliving and coworking community testing the boundaries between work, travel and life adventure. Starting at $500 per week, you gain access to incredible coliving spaces and local communities around the world.

Come and go as you please. Every room includes a private bathroom and is fully furnished with a queen or king-sized bed. Roam provides sheets, towels, and all the other little things you need to feel at home.

The battle-tested, high-speed Internet extends to every corner of your private space.


Photo via Lokal

Lokal Travel stands as an innovative online booking platform, seamlessly uniting explorers with authentic and sustainable encounters spanning the globe.

In close collaboration with thoughtfully chosen family-operated enterprises, community cooperatives, and impactful social initiatives, every Lokal Travel experience leaves a direct positive influence on the local community, all while offering travelers an unparalleled journey.

From breathtaking expeditions to Amazon ecolodges to serene sojourns in familial Himalayan guesthouses, Lokal Travel streamlines the process of booking a myriad of extraordinary trips.

These journeys not only bolster local communities but also contribute to the conservation of nature and the preservation of cultural legacies.



Outsite was founded to serve a new kind of traveller looking to integrate their life and their work. Outsite offers flexible living arrangements, community on your terms, and a beautiful home at an affordable price – whether you’re down the street or across the globe.

Currently, Outsite has 17 spaces in locations both in the USA and internationally, ranging from jungle villas and beachfront apartments to mountain hideaways and urban homes-from-home.

Outsite features the right amenities and design to make each stay as productive, restorative, social, or fun as you desire.

The Wander Working Experience

Wander Working Experience_30day_workation

The Wander Working Experience is the first 30-day co-working vacation tailored specifically for social entrepreneurs. The Wander Working Experience was created from a deep desire to help those who are using their business and themselves as a force for good.

Taking groups of 25-30 social entrepreneurs, conscious companies, and change-makers on a co-traveling, co-creating, co-living, co-working, and collaborating 30-day curated life-changing experiences in amazing locations around the world.

WiFi Tribe

Photo via WiFi Tribe

WiFi Tribe has grown into a bold, beautiful, tight-knit community filled with like-minded, adventure seeking professionals across the globe.

How does it work? Members choose how many weeks they want to do within 12 months – one, two, three to five, or six or more. Once accepted as a member, you can join wherever you want in the world, stay for several chapters in a row, or pick and choose chapters across the year.

Of course, you can also hop between continents and switch rooms (private vs. shared) anytime. Whether an entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer or creative, everyone who wants to join, needs to come with one shared intention: To become a valuable part of a thriving global community!

Venture With Impact

Photo via Venture With Impact

Venture with Impact, a social enterprise providing international skilled-based volunteering programs for remotely working professionals launches new project destinations and business partnerships.

Responding to the increasing need of working professionals to find a purpose in their careers and create positive impact with their skills and expertise, Venture with Impact (VWI) opened two new programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand and Lisbon, Portugal running from May and August.

The startup arranges co-working space, accommodation, and skills-based volunteering experiences for professionals that live and travel in a country for one month while continuing to work for their jobs back home.

Moving Worlds

Photo via Moving Worlds

MovingWorlds operates as a dynamic social impact entity that addresses the global talent gap by bridging the divide.

This online platform and thriving community form a nexus that directly connects individuals eager to travel and contribute their expertise with social impact organizations spanning the globe.

The avenues for lending your skills span a multitude of sectors: be it accounting, web design, social media marketing, business and sales strategy, IT training, video editing, or SEO specialization.

With MovingWorlds, you have the incredible chance to offer your skills to startups and organizations across the world, creating meaningful impact.

Maintaining a high standard, MovingWorlds curates professionals and organizations with care. These curated talents and entities engage seamlessly through the online platform, facilitating the discovery of apt “Experteering” opportunities.

Have Fun Do Good

Photo via Have Fun Do Good

Have Fun Do Good (HFDG) stands as a purpose-driven travel and event enterprise that embraces the impact of volunteerism via distinctive and immersive opportunities.

Through their offerings of travel excursions and corporate events, they bring forth experiences that deeply involve participants in meaningful service. Regardless of whether you’re journeying to distant lands or opting for local involvement, HFDG is your comprehensive solution for diving into volunteerism.

They handle every aspect, from meticulous planning and connections to impactful charities and causes, to arranging accommodations that fit the bill. And, of course, they infuse a sense of enjoyment into every endeavor.


Photo via GoodTrips

GoodTrip comprises a collective of experts in travel, community development, and ecology. Their core focus lies in responsible international travel and tourism, offering a unique blend of experiences.

Their approach entails leading you through journeys that foster discovery and meaningful connections, all while minimizing your ecological footprint and maximizing the positive impact you leave on the lives you encounter.

Specializing in authorized “People to People” travel experiences in Cuba, immersive Spanish language programs in Guatemala, and expert-guided trips to both Guatemala and Panamá, GoodTrip caters to a range of interests and passions.

Whether your preferences lean towards exploring architecture, birdwatching, dance, diving, history, music, yoga, adventure, or language acquisition, GoodTrip has the capability to curate a tailor-made itinerary that perfectly aligns with your desires.

Alternatively, you can embark on a shared adventure by joining one of their open trips, allowing you to discover your global interests alongside like-minded explorers.


Photo via GlobeKick

GlobeKick brings to life adventure travel trips for the adventurous. Their travel gurus design and lead different 1week trips, every month, to a different place around the world. Adventure trips are open to GlobeKick Members only. Annual membership is $695 and includes:

1. One GlobeKick adventure of your choosing: anywhere we go, whenever we’re there, with a group of GlobeKickers from around the globe.

2. Lifetime access to GlobeKick Connect — GK’s social networking platform for travelers.

3. 15% discount (ie, $590 price-tag) on any additional adventure trips you’d like to join during your membership

4. One personalized, custom-designed GlobeKick adventure-itinerary anywhere in the world.


Photo via Coworkation

Inspiring people in inspiring places do inspiring things. Pop-up coworking spaces in exotic locations. “Going to the office” has a new meaning!

Coworkation wants to bring awareness to the new way of living and working that enables more freedom and whereby people can live life on their terms. Short, 1-2 week trips where every aspect of the coworkation is designed with the codes of Coworkation in mind.

Urban Adventures

Photo via Urban Adventures

Made In Tours by Urban Adventures marks Intrepid Travel’s significant stride in bolstering local economies through tourism.

Each tour within this initiative is meticulously crafted by locals themselves, ensuring an authentic and immersive experience.

These tours encompass visits to small, independent businesses, fostering a direct connection between travelers and local communities.

With a legacy of 25 years in the adventure travel industry, Intrepid Travel has been a trailblazer in guiding explorers beyond the conventional paths to uncover the world’s most extraordinary destinations.

Operating across more than 100 countries and offering over 1,000 diverse trips across every continent, this Melbourne-based tour operator is amplifying its efforts to facilitate support for local enterprises, facilitate genuine and one-of-a-kind day excursions, and utilize the influence of travel as a positive and impactful force.

Off-Season Travel

Off Season Adventures_trip_tanzania
Photo via Off Season Adventures

Off Season Adventures operates as a wildlife and community tourism entity headquartered in the United States, with a special emphasis on inviting travelers to explore Tanzania during its off-peak periods.

This unique approach not only offers a distinctive travel experience but also empowers local entrepreneurs engaged in the tourism sector.

The core philosophy of Off Season Adventures centers around crafting unforgettable journeys for their patrons, while also upholding their commitment to sustainability and responsible travel.

For every excursion arranged by Off Season Adventures, a carbon offset initiative is implemented. Furthermore, a portion of the revenue generated is allocated to support the neighboring communities surrounding the visited lodging facilities.

This contribution aids in the enhancement of water and waste management systems, access to electricity, educational resources, and improved health services.

Thread Caravan

Photo via Thread Caravan

Thread Caravan employs local artisans to continue practicing their craft without the pressure to sell the goods they produce.

This allows for appreciation of the process, and for travelers to learn about traditional craft production in communities where various crafts have originated and have been practiced for generations.

Their 5 – 7 night trips, which can also be customized for groups, also include adventurous activities such as sailing, hiking volcanoes and visiting ancient ruins.

Hara House


Presenting Hara House, the inaugural zero waste guesthouse in North India, committed to transforming the consumption habits of both locals and travelers, whether they are at home or abroad.

A significant portion—20%—of the proceeds generated from guest room bookings and tours are dedicated to supporting environmental initiatives and educational endeavors in North India through the Hara Innovation Fund.

This dynamic social enterprise manages an inclusive onsite community center, fostering collaboration with regional social entrepreneurs by furnishing them with essential resources, workspace, and financial backing for their innovative projects.

Nomad X

They collaborate with local governments to establish tangible, on-site communities, enhancing local economies and fostering enriching experiences.

As Digital Nomads themselves, they forge genuine on-site communities across the globe, uniting individuals who are motivated, enthusiastic, and relish the combination of travel and meaningful connections.

They manage the renowned NomadX Private Travel Community, a platform where they provide insights, advice, and exclusive deals to their community members.

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