"We are not to be defined by our mistakes, but defined by our purpose."

What is a Causeartist?

causeartist – [cause-artist] noun. a person who uses their talents and skills to impact the world.

Over seven years ago I started Causeartist out of a passion for finding creative brands, startups, and social entrepreneurs impacting the world through social enterprise.

Causeartist is now one of the most influential impact business platforms in the world. Since 2013, Causeartist has been read in over 200 countries. I have personally interviewed over 600 impact entrepreneurs from around the world, highlighting innovations in ethical fashion, climate change, ethical technology, impact investing, and sustainable travel.

Growing up in New Orleans was very interesting. I was introduced to social issues very early on, because the city is unlike any other in the country in my opinion. Race, politics, Bourbon St., community, and basketball all impacted me in different ways at an early age. Basketball was my first love and was my main focus growing up, so I never really had much time to understand politics, government, business, and how individuals could really impact a community.

The world of social enterprise was really coming together around the time I started Causeartist, but there were not many resources out there that people could go to and find more about these amazing ventures. This was the catalyst to start Causeartist, from a lack of resources out there that covered what was going on in social enterprise. I was researching this stuff on my own, so I was already putting the work in. Now, I just needed to take my digital skills and create a format and start producing content around what I was already researching in my own time.

I wanted Causeartist to be a place of discover, education, and information that introduces readers, consumers, investors, organizations, and brands to the amazing things that this industry has to offer.

Most people know of Patagonia and Warby Parker, but there are so thousands of amazing companies, startups, and social entrepreneurs out there people need to know and hear about.

Companies like LSTN, Nisolo, Cotopaxi, Bogobrush, Known Supply, Indosole and so many others are creating high quality products that can compete with this biggest names in the marketplace, but the impact behind the companies make them even more tremendous. High Quality Products + A Great Story and Impact = Massive Impact in our World.

Causeartist is a global community and social enterprise platform, which covers brands, startups, and social entrepreneurs impacting the world through social enterprise. The business and tech world is changing. More and more brands and startups are implementing social impact at the foundation of their ventures.

As the business landscapes continues to shift towards more Social Impact models – Causeartist is there to help you discover what’s new and trending in the world of Social Enterprise and Social Impact. Causeartist features original interviews, lists, and spotlights with founders and CEO’s from some of the most exciting Social Enterprises impacting the world. Partner with us here.

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Be Creative + Be Impactful

Grant Trahant // Founder of Causeartist