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11 Beautiful Eco Resorts and Eco Lodging Destinations

Eco-friendly resorts (eco resorts) and Eco-friendly lodges(eco lodges) are becoming increasingly popular around the world as people become more aware of their environmental impact. These resorts focus on lessening their carbon footprint while providing a luxurious getaway experience. Let’s take a lo

Beautiful Eco Resorts and Eco Lodging

Eco Resorts and Eco Lodges

Eco-friendly resorts (eco resorts) and Eco-friendly lodges(eco lodges) are becoming increasingly popular around the world as people become more aware of their environmental impact. These resorts focus on lessening their carbon footprint while providing a luxurious getaway experience.

Let’s take a look at why eco resorts are gaining popularity and the benefits they bring to travelers, the environment, and the sustainable tourism industry.

What are Eco Resorts?

An eco resort is one that actively works to reduce its environmental impact by utilizing sustainable practices and resources. This often includes things like using energy efficient lighting, local jobs, solar panels, green cleaning products, and locally sourced food in their restaurants.

Many eco resorts also offer activities such as nature walks, kayaking, or other outdoor experiences that allow guests to enjoy the natural beauty of their surroundings.

Benefits for Guests

Travelers can benefit from staying at eco resorts in several ways. For one thing, these resorts tend to be much more affordable than traditional resorts because they don’t have to pay for expensive energy costs or other resources that require nonrenewable sources.

As a result, guests can often find better deals when booking at an eco resort than they would when booking elsewhere.

Additionally, guests can feel good knowing that their stay is helping protect the environment by reducing waste and conserving resources.

Benefits for the Environment

Eco resorts are beneficial to the environment in many ways as well. By utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines, these resorts can significantly reduce their reliance on nonrenewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels.

Additionally, eco resorts tend to use fewer chemicals in cleaning supplies which helps keep pollutants out of water systems and reduces air pollution from emissions created by burning fossil fuels for electricity or heat production.

Finally, many eco resorts encourage guests to participate in “green” activities such as bike rides or hikes instead of driving motorized vehicles which further reduces emissions from automobiles.

Ecolodge La Estancia – Bolivia

Ecolodge La Estancia is a serene sanctuary nestled along the southern shoreline of Bolivia’s mythical Lake Titicaca. Here, you will find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of pre-Incan terraces, 4010 meters above sea level.

This destination offers sweeping views over the lake and surrounding Andes mountains! Experience unprecedented relaxation as you reconnect with nature and learn more about local Aymara culture – all at this unique eco lodging destination.

Ecolodge La Estancia invites you to experience total comfort and rustic charm amidst stunning views of Lake Titicaca, the Andes Mountains and more.

The cabins are locally sourced using noble materials with minimal environmental impact – like adobe structures – along with eco-conscious features such as black stone floors for absorbing heat, water recycling programs, single energy heating systems and much more!

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Blancaneaux Lodge – Belize

When Francis Ford Coppola first encountered the hidden beauty of Belize, he was immediately smitten.

Purchasing his own private oasis in the form of an abandoned lodge called Blancaneaux, it soon became a beloved retreat for members of Francis’ family before publicly opening its doors to visitors in 1993 and carving out a place among tropical paradises around the world.

Nestled in the breathtaking Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Blancaneaux Lodge is an idyllic eco-friendly retreat near ancient Mayan ruins.

The eco lodge holds 20-luxury hideaways where waterfalls tumble into turquoise pools above the jungle canopy.

Surrounded by lush plants and abundant wildlife such as jaguars, tapirs and ocelots – guests can explore nature’s wonders while reconnecting with local cultural heritage.

From its organic botanical gardens to horse-drawn carriages carrying visitors around a bamboo forest or through wildflower fields at sunset; this tranquil location celebrates traditional Mayan culture deeply ingrained throughout every aspect of their stay including hand carved wooden treasures displayed within public spaces & authentic dishes served up at Guatemaltecqua Restaurant.

At Blancaneaux Lodge, nature is at the forefront. Thatch and bamboo blend seamlessly into their surrounding Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve home while screened doors and vaulted roofs provide natural air-conditioning – a feature that belies its traditional materials.

As an innovator for renewable energy in Belize, they have been powering property operations with hydroelectricity from Privassion Creek since over 20 years prior – leading environmental initiatives through carbon emissions reduction & sustainability practices to ensure lasting ecological impact on this paradise destination.

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Hara House – India

hara house outside

Hara House Manali is the first property post-pandemic offering a sustainable option to your stay in Manali. Located on Hamta, the guesthouse is 20 minutes from Manali and 10 minutes from Sethan.

The guesthouse features an outstanding view of mountains and forest, nestled in a valley with waterfalls on both sides. The sound scape: breathtaking.

The founder, Jazzmine Raine, and her family runs a cafe onsite in the village which offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tuck items. Alternatively, you are welcome to bring your own groceries and cook for yourself in the kitchen onsite.

Your stay with Hara House creates a direct investment in making the Hara World programs accessible to all youth. Profits help fund both program scholarships and free mindfulness and community building workshops, such as tree planting (in collaboration with the forest department) and garbage clean-ups.

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Mockingbird Hill – Jamaica

Eco resorts and eco lodging - Mockingbird Hill

Located on the majestic Jamaica’s north-east coast between the Blue Mountains and Caribbean Sea, Mockingbird Hill is a serene sanctuary for guests to reconnect with real Jamaica.

This intimate 10 room retreat features elegant ambience among heavenly gardens providing stunning panoramic views – all only minutes from Frenchman’s Cove Beach! A stay at this charming hideaway promises an idyllic holiday experience beyond clichés; one you won’t soon forget.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is a responsible, eco lodging experience that was founded by Jamaican Barbara Walker and Shireen Aga. Inspired by their travels to numerous places across the world, they wanted to create an opportunity for sustainable tourism that would benefit both local economies and reduce environmental footprints while still providing guests with quality comfort.

Their vision of luxury seeks not extravagant extravagance but instead finds satisfaction in simplicity, authenticity and positive community involvement!

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Misool Resort – Indonesia

Misool is a private island resort and conservation centre located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. You’ll find the island hidden deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands, 165 km (105 miles) from the nearest port, and the nearest village is 20 km away by boat.

The island is surrounded by the richest reefs in the world, at the very heart of marine biodiversity. There simply are no richer reefs on earth.

By joining forces with the Misool Foundation, they strive to protect some of Earth’s most diverse coral reefs. To do so effectively, local communities must be empowered and given a platform through which they can reassert their traditional rights over these ecosystems.

The mutual benefit for sustainable tourism – both economically and ecologically- is at the core of the Misool mission; aiming to show hosts, governments and guests that this model provides a more prosperous alternative than logging or mining would offer beyond simply protecting biodiversity.

Your stay at Misool directly supports our numerous conservation initiatives and provides sustainable employment opportunities to local people, entirely decoupled from the extraction of marine resources.

You can read more about how your stay supports local conservation projects via the Misool Foundation.

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The Algonquin Eco Lodge

Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and be immersed in nature at Algonquin Eco-Lodge. Located just 3 hours from Toronto or Ottawa on the southern border of beautiful Algonquin Park, this eco lodge is an adventure enthusiasts’ paradise no matter what season it is!

With over 40 km of groomed trackset trails inside the park for snowshoeing, skiing, dog sledding and more – plus canoe trips along our private lake – this premier wilderness experience offers some of Canada’s best outdoor activities with incredible views to boot.

This eco lodge is beautifully secluded within the Algonquin Park forests, where even telephone poles can’t reach. This eco lodge is completely off-grid and yet, with the alternative energy they create from the waterfall (use 100% micro-hydro electricity), the lodge still provides all the finer comforts.

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Xigera Safari Lodge – Botswana

Located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Xigera Safari Lodge takes conservation and sustainability seriously.

Their commitment extends beyond simply protecting this delicate Okavango Delta ecosystem for future generations – energy production is optimized to reduce its impact on the environment while single-use plastics are eliminated.

The lodge also strives to empower their local community through responsible operations practice.

The resort has also partnered with Wild Entrust Africa, an esteemed not-for-profit organization committed to preserving the wildlife and habitats of Botswana’s Okavango Delta through science, education, and sustainable development.

In collaboration with The TreadRight Foundation they now look forward to supporting Xigera Safari Lodge in this beautiful region for longterm sustainability programes.

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Kura Eco Resort – Costa Rica

Kura is a pioneering force in the realm of sustainable luxury hospitality. By actively engaging with environmental conservation initiatives, Kura contributes to enlightened travel experiences that promote social responsibility and mindful living.

Kura has strictly prohibited the use of single-use water bottles, which require vast quantities of fossil fuels and nonbiodegradable materials for production – not to mention their lack of recyclability when used.

On top of that, in Costa Rica all drinking water is safe – so reusable containers from the hotel can be taken advantage off instead! Furthermore, they’ve replaced traditional straws with locally crafted bamboo stalks – a compostable solution ensuring less non-recyclable trash at its finest!

The onsite organic garden oasis takes advantage of the Japanese Takakura composting system to grow fresh and flavorful ingredients. The inviting greenhouse brings in the likes of microgreens, kale, peppers, basil, spearmint and more… all without any pesticides!

The Kura eco resort has also made teak wood a center piece of decorations. Not only is teak fast-growing, but it also doesn’t demand any chemical treatments or finishers—keeping the furniture’s natural feel in tact. The king sized beds to restaurant tables all feature beautiful elements of this eco-friendly material!

They also take the sustainable health and well-being of the staff very seriously. They provide access to a company doctor in Uvita for an affordable monthly fee so that each employee can enjoy free healthcare consultations with their children at no additional cost.

Career advancement and opportunities for local staff is also of high importance. From cross-training courses to internal promotions, every year Kura has staff success stories.

For many of the staff members who simultaneously study at university, Kura makes sure to accommodate their timetables with flexible working schedules.

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Polwaththa Eco Lodges – Sri Lanka

Polwaththa Eco Lodges are an enchanting getaway located 19km east of Kandy, Sri Lanka. Nestled in a pristine natural environment and comprised of 15 lodges with basic amenities, this eco-lodging destination offers one-of-a kind experiences like yoga lessons best enjoyed amidst the scenic beauty of nearby mountains (the famous Knuckles mountains) as well as cultural interactions that support local school projects for added reward.

Enjoy treks through nature trails and quaint villages; go on day tours to historic places such Dambulla, Sigiriya and Wasgamuwa or just relax at your lodge while appreciating spectacular views – whatever it is you decide to do!

Experience responsible travel which promotes sustainability by following 3Rs practice initiatives within 5 km radius from us too.

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Hotel Belmar – Costa Rica

Hotel Belmar, located within the stunning Monteverde Reserve of Costa Rica’s cloud forest and renowned for its hospitality around the world, offers luxurious excursions that embrace nature.

Their mission is “The Art of Nature” – a phrase which encapsulates the commitment to preserving this special environment while providing guests with unforgettable experiences in elegance and warmth.

For over 30 years Hotel Belmar has earned accolades as an iconic leader in sustainability, receiving five levels of awards celebrating environmental stewardship and local impactful initiatives.

Hotel Belmar employs and trains over 95% of its staff locally, giving opportunities to the local residents, and makes sure to buy as many of its goods as possible from local providers to help the local economy.

Their efforts to remain eco friendly and sustainable for the local area remain impressive, with efforts such as air drying facilities to reduce the use of electric dryers, solar panels for water heating, rain water harvesting, chemical-free lawns and gardens, use of locally produced, organic goods to reduce carbon footprint, recycling, composting, and reuse of containers and many more.

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Bentwood Inn – Wyoming, USA

As a part of the Preferred Hotel Group’s “Beyond Green Collection,” Bentwood Inn is dedicated to preserving resources and protecting Jackson Hole’s legacy as an eco-friendly tourism destination.

The company is continuously assessing their water, energy, solid waste and food preparation operations with comprehensive sustainable initiatives that ensure guests have unrivaled experiences without compromising environmental standards.

The eco destination will also implement many upcoming sustainable initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Installation of a water sub-meter that monitors the use of the water each month (maintained with software that tracks usage and alerts regarding leaks)
  • Commitment to install renewable energy systems by 2024
  • A founding business member of 1% For the Tetons
  • An enthusiastic supporter of local, national, and international conservation programs, with financial contributions made to the International League of Conservation Photographers, the IUCN Tapir Research Group, Working Bikes, and many others

Over the last three years, Bentwood Inn has decreased its carbon footprint by 20% (on average) each year. They have also provided housing for three full-time employees, eliminating the need for them to travel to work.

The Jackson Hole Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory found that 65% of GHGs in the Jackson area come from ground transportation. As a small business in the area, they want to do our part to lower this percentage.

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