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33 Sustainability Events, Social Entrepreneurship Events and Impact Investing Events (2024)

As the name suggests, these Sustainability events, Social Entrepreneurship events and Impact Investing events were created with the aim of bringing together individuals and organizations to discuss ways to create positive social change.


As the name suggests, these Sustainability events, Social Entrepreneurship events and Impact Investing events were created with the aim of bringing together individuals and organizations to discuss ways to create positive social change.

Attendees typically include Causeartists, Social Entrepreneurs, Impact Professionals and Impact Investors from a variety of sectors, including business, government, nonprofits, and academia.

We are excited to put together this list of events and conferences for all the Causeartists around the world. If we missed an event, please let us know about it and we will add it to this rundown.

Sustainability Events, Social Entrepreneurship Events and Impact Investing Events

Biofabricate Summit

Paris, France | January 10-12

Known as the intersection where design merges with biology, Biofabricate invites individuals to join the premiere event of the biomaterial revolution and become acquainted with the new pioneers shaping the industry.

Over the course of three days, attendees will immerse themselves in a world of concepts, prototypes, products, and valuable networking opportunities.

Produced by visionaries in the field, the Biofabricate Summit serves as the ultimate convergence point for the realms of biotechnology and creative endeavors.

With a strong focus on design, the event centers around product-oriented domains such as fashion, sport, beauty, mobility, and architecture.

The highly anticipated 2024 event spans three immersive days, offering a deep dive into showcasing the next wave of bio-innovators while gleaning valuable insights from established players in the field. Learn more

See Change Sessions

Burlington, VT | February 20-22

This isn’t a conference, retreat, festival, or even the dreaded “un-conference.” It’s a 1-of-a-kind experience built to help you drop out and tune in to what matters.

Join incredible people who think differently than you to jam together on global issues, challenge outdated ideas (while you re-frame your own), and have a s#*t ton of fun.

Learn more

Sustainable Fashion Forum Conference

Austin, TX | April 17-19

The annual Sustainable Fashion Forum Conference is your chance to dive deep into the complexities of ethical fashion. From April 17-19th, join leaders and innovators from all areas in Austin, TX – exploring how sustainability comes together with business ethics, culture and regional barriers in fashion’s intricate supply chain.

The Sustainable Fashion Forum is recognized as a leader in thought, acting as a catalyst for change and bridging gaps across traditional industry silos to encourage unexpected collaborations and unconventional exchanges of ideas.

Each year, the forum eagerly anticipates bringing together hundreds of like-minded industry leaders, innovators, change makers, and advocates. The goal is to facilitate raw, honest conversations about crucial yet often overlooked topics at the crossroads of fashion, sustainability, business, and ethics.

At the forum, titles are left at the door to nurture an environment of genuine dialogue and open exchange, fostering raw and honest conversations.

The SFF conference serves as a melting pot for out-of-the-box ideas, strategically designed to broaden perspectives and offer fresh approaches to fashion’s most pressing problems and untapped opportunities.

The primary focus is on delivering actionable insights and promoting a collaborative approach to problem-solving. SFF24 transcends being just an event; it stands as a catalyst for change, uniting a global community of stakeholders committed to championing a collaborative approach for a more sustainable and equitable fashion industry.

Beyond being a conventional conference, SFF24 provides a pioneering, immersive experience challenging accepted paradigms, inspiring attendees to rethink norms, push boundaries, and subvert the status quo.

Learn more

The GIIN Investor Forum

OCTOBER 23-24 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

The GIIN Investor Forum - Sustainability Events, Social Entrepreneurship Events and Impact Investing Events

The GIIN Investor Forum is the largest in-person global gathering of impact investors.

The Forum has a strong reputation for presenting delegates with the opportunity to build relationships, discover opportunities, share insights about new strategies, learn the latest industry developments, and explore ways to drive continued momentum and growth in the market.

Impact investing is reshaping the future of financial markets as increasingly people are considering the societal and environmental impact of their investments in addition to their financial returns.

Learn more

GreenBiz 24

Scottsdale, Arizona // Feb 12 – 14

GreenBiz, is an amazing gathering of 1,800 sustainable business leaders, that deliver the insight and inspiration you need to accelerate change — and your career.

Join the vibrant GreenBiz community of professionals—including experts, peers and new voices alike — to make meaningful progress toward a more sustainable world.

Listen to innovative keynote speakers while connecting with like-minded people during invaluable breakout sessions, so you can develop smart solutions for achieving net zero emissions, promoting circularity and justice in society as well protecting Nature’s diversity.

Learn more

World Forum on Urban Forests

Washington DC // Dates – TBA

Urban forests and green spaces are essential components in fostering sustainable, resilient cityscapes. They contribute a myriad of environmental benefits to cities around the world while helping them move closer towards achieving SDG11: making urban environments safe, robust and uninhibited by their diversity.

The Forum will champion exemplary planning practices that have optimized these green features for economic growth, conservation goals and public engagement – emphasizing the importance of well-maintained urban ecosystems for lasting social stability.

Learn More

Climate Week

New York City // September 22nd

Helen Clarkson addresses the Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony in 2022

Fifteen years since its inception, Climate Week NYC is now the world’s leading event for those removing barriers to effective climate action.

The most influential actors from government, private enterprise and non-profit organizations meetings at this year’s gathering alongside representatives of the United Nations General Assembly with an ambitious agenda – all in service of creating tangible progress towards a healthier planet.

Climate Week NYC is a great chance to join a global movement and take action against climate change.

Celebrate solutions, challenge ourselves to do more, and explore ways we can increase ambition – all while connecting with like-minded people at the biggest climate event on Earth.

Learn more

Aspen Ideas Festival – Climate 24

Miami Beach, FL // March 11-13

Aspen Ideas: Climate is a solutions-focused event designed for the public to interact with and learn from climate leaders whose ideas and actions are critical to address our collective future.

The Aspen Institute is uniting an extensive collection of stakeholders to participate in a groundbreaking event, Aspen Ideas: Climate 2024.

From policymakers and scientific experts to inventors, innovators, artists and young leaders – individuals from all walks of life will be brought together on March11th-13th for this multi-day occasion that features programming indoors and outdoors.

Attendees can look forward to engaging breakout/roundtable sessions along with opportunities for exploration through local attractions around Miami Beach as well as fashion exhibitions, art installations and food & music activities.

Learn more

World Ocean Summit

Lisbon, Portugal // March – 11-13

The World Ocean Summit is an annual global event bringing together the widest cross-section of the ocean community from business and finance to governments, national and international policy-makers, civil society and academia.

Economist Impact will celebrate the 11th anniversary with the return to a physical event in Lisbon, Portugal, a city (and country) at the forefront of sustainable ocean thinking and practice.

The summit is designed to inspire bold thinking and new partnerships, and to trigger effective action to develop a sustainable ocean economy. It aims to change the way business is done in the ocean.

Learn more

Sustainable Brands 24

San Diego, CA // October 14-17

Sustainable Brands 23

SB’24 is bringing brand, business and sustainability professionals from across the globe to learn and share how to leverage sustainability, drive innovation and create value for their organizations.

For over 15 years, Sustainable Brands have been empowering business leaders to unlock value by using social and environmental issues as prime catalysts for brand innovation and positive influence.

Learn more

Green Tech Festival(GTF)

Berlin, Germany // May 15-17th

Photo credit: NICOLAS OSWALD

A pioneering extended festival concept welcomes visitors from all over the world on-site, digitally, and online 365 days a year with acclaimed speakers, top exhibitors and a star-studded gala awards ceremony.

GTF creates an inspiring space for people, ideas, innovations, companies and organizations that change the world for the better.

Learn more

North American Carbon World (NACW)

San Francisco, CA // March 19-21

As a preeminent event for carbon professionals, the North American Carbon World (NACW) conference will celebrate its 21th-year milestone with NACW 2024.

Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights on critical topics such as newly available investment options and oversight rules that guide market dynamics.

Additionally, ample opportunities are provided to connect and collaborate while exploring international possibilities in light of climate policy considerations like social justice initiatives within the industry’s evolving landscape.

Learn more

Land & Carbon Lab’s Summit

Location and Date – TBA

Land & Carbon Lab’s Summit is a global conference for policy makers and practitioners harnessing geospatial data and monitoring to advance land sustainability solutions for this decade’s climate, nature, and development goals.

This Summit is an exceptional opportunity to join a diverse, global community of policymakers and practitioners striving for sustainable solutions.

By unifying stakeholders at the frontiers of data technology with those providing first-hand management experiences, this premier conference will advance land sustainability initiatives in alignment with climate, nature, and development objectives.

Learn more


Location and Date – TBA


Solve at MIT is a groundbreaking experience that convenes the Solve community and global leaders in social impact to collaborate on solutions for pressing societal issues.

Attendees will have opportunities to network, form strategic partnerships with similarly-minded people and organizations, learn about the 2024 Global Challenges initiative, which provides an open platform where innovators can submit tech-based ideas or products striving towards a better world.

Learn more

Collaborative 2024

Chicago, IL // May 15-16

Collaborative by Classy event and summit

Collaborative by Classy is a two-day conference that brings together forward-thinking nonprofit professionals and social sector experts to uncover the ideas and strategies necessary to propel our industry forward and unlock the world’s generosity.

Learn more

Sustainability Live

London, UK – September 10-11

Get ready to embrace change and innovation as Sustainability LIVE London makes its highly anticipated return to the esteemed Business Design Centre.

This transformative event will gather the most influential figures across industries to engage in dynamic conversations that drive the agenda for a more sustainable world.

With a diverse audience of over 3,500 attendees participating both in person and virtually, this two-day hybrid learning and networking experience promises to be truly impactful.

Featuring an impressive lineup of 70+ internationally acclaimed speakers and two conference stages, attendees can expect thought-provoking discussions and insights.

Additionally, there will be eight sustainability industry workshops providing practical knowledge and solutions. Learn more


Location and Date – TBA

Accelerating the Circular Economy

As the leading convening of professionals building the circular economy, Circularity 24 offers thought-provoking keynotes, actionable breakouts, a solutions-oriented expo and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Join the growing community of visionaries and practitioners to move beyond incremental action, catalyze systems change and accelerate the circular economy.

Learn more

Regens Unite

Berlin, Germany // Date TBA

Regens Unite brings together regenerative thinkers and doers in DAOs, ReFi, DeSci, Platform Coops, Purpose Orgs, Climate Activism, and Art to co-create & share projects, knowledge, food, kindness and hope.

Regens Unite is a fresh way of gathering a widely sourced group of people who are working on regenerative solutions for themselves, for communities, and for our planet. Its focus is on connecting meaningfully with each other to learn and grow resilience.

Learn More

One Young World Summit

Montréal, Canada // September 18-21

The annual One Young World Summit brings together the most brilliant young leaders from over 190 countries and 250+ organizations who are dedicated to driving social impact at an accelerated pace.

Over the course of four transformative days, delegates engage in thought-provoking speeches, interactive workshops, and valuable networking opportunities.

Upon completion of the Summit, delegates graduate as One Young World Ambassadors, equipped with the resources and inspiration to create positive change within their workplaces and communities.

Since its inception in 2010, One Young World Ambassador projects have already touched the lives of over 35.8 million people, reflecting the significant impact of this global initiative. Learn more

The Net Zero Conference

Anaheim, CA // September 17-18

For a decade, The Net Zero Conference has been bringing together climate leaders to build a net zero, decarbonized future.

1,500 attendees from 53 countries and 45 U.S. states spanning all industries

World-class speakers from multidisciplinary backgrounds have held our conference stage. Previous Keynote speakers from XPRIZE, Edison International, NASA, Seventh Generation, Zero Hour, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and more.

Learn more

World Water Week

Stockholm, Sweden // August 25 – 29

World Water Week 2024 revolves around the theme of water cooperation for peace and security in its broadest sense.

The theme, “Bridging Borders: Water for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future,” invites individuals to acknowledge the regional and global interconnectivity of communities and nations, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required to attain a peaceful and sustainable future.

Which ideas, innovations, and governance systems will we need in a more unstable and water scarce world?

World Water Week is the leading conference on global water issues, held every year since 1991. A non-profit event, co-created with leading organizations, World Water Week attracts a diverse mix of participants from many professional backgrounds and every corner of the world.

Learn more

Agents of Change Summit

San Diego, CA // Date TBA

The Agents of Change Summit explores the science of behavior change through the best research and compelling case studies.

The Summit, based in San Diego, engages innovators from the community of professionals using marketing and technology to change people’s health behaviors for social good.

Attendees participate in keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and breakout sessions that help strengthen behavioral change strategies.

Learn more

Mexico Carbon Forum

Guanajuato, Mexico // August 14 and 15

Mexico Carbon Forum is the premier event for those with a vested interest in the country’s carbon market. Attend and connect directly with leading experts from almost every affected domain, including governments, multilateral financial institutions, green finance groups and academia.

Learn more about projects through price analyses and methodologies while making powerful connections across government bodies, investors of all sizes as well as project owners & buyers to gain an invaluable overview into this ever-evolving sector.

Learn more

Nonprofit Technology Conference

Portland, OR // March 13–15

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is an annual membership organization conference that explores technology and technology strategies.

Members of this conference are dedicated to technological advancement, sharing knowledge, vigorous research, and constant industry analysis.

The conference has over 2,000 professionals from around the world represented and over 100 sessions of technology based exercises and talks.

Learn more


Boston, MA // Dates TBA


Despite ESG frameworks and rankings’ imperfections, they are impacting billions of investments. And, hundreds of trillions more are needed to realize a just transition to a decarbonized global economy.

GreenFin will convene an influential audience of finance, investment and sustainability professionals to share insights, address key challenges and showcase leading sustainable financial products and services.

Learn more

Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit

Singapore // July 31

Be part of the conversation on sustainability as business and financial leaders from around the world come together to discuss innovative ideas for a greener future.

Learn about strategies, like mitigating risk and promoting climate resilience, that can help bring us closer to true sustainability.

Get an insider’s look at green finance trends, understand how we measure our progress toward responsible growth, hear stories of successful stakeholder collaborations- all at this global Sustainable Business Summit.

Learn more


San Francisco, CA // Date TBA


The Social Capital Market Conference is an event that explores solving global issues through market— based solutions.

Every year the conference is held in San Francisco, and brings together a variety of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, foundations, governments, and institutions to increasing the flow of capital toward social good.

Learn more

SXSW Climate

Austin, TX // March 12-15

Featured Session: Art & Climate – A Conversation with Brian Eno and Beatie Wolfe – SXSW 2022 – Photo by Lisa Walker

Programming in the Climate Change track covers the consequences of soaring temperatures and rising oceans, while also showcasing the most promising efforts on mitigating the effects of global warming.

The conference is annually hosted in Austin Texas, and is a celebration of film, music, design, and interactive industries. Every year the event spans 24 tracks of programming, showcases, screenings, and exhibitions.

Learn more

edie 24

London, UK // March 20-21

edie 24 is the event which empowers businesses to take decisive actions and achieve systemic change. Formerly known as the Sustainability Leaders Forum, this event has evolved and upscaled into a climate action show like no other.

The event Mission Statement includes an industry-leading pledge to speaker diversity and inclusivity; a strict no-greenwashing policy; a laser-like focus on delivering action-oriented content which combines strategic insights with practical takeaways; and a commitment to foster unrivaled networking opportunities which lead to tangible change.

Join 600+ board-level executives and sustainability and net-zero leaders along with policymakers, finance experts, NGOs and academia for two monumental days in London as we shape the future of sustainable business.

Learn more

Skoll World Forum

Oxford, UK // April 9–12

In 2024, the Skoll World Forum network will gather in Oxford, UK and online for the 20th Forum. Oxford attendance is curated by the Skoll team, and virtual participation is free and open to everyone.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve witnessed unprecedented advancements, global connectedness, and sweeping change movements. Our collective impact is cause for celebration even in the face of ongoing challenges.

At the 2024 Skoll World Forum, we’ll experience two decades of remarkable progress, reflect on crucial lessons, and survey the road ahead.

Lear more

Reuters Responsible Business

New York, NY // March 26–27

IIn a period of geo-political and macro-economic crises companies must balance action, whilst sustaining a successful business. Those that can achieve this will future proof their business, protect the planet and ensure inclusive, sustainable growth.

Introducing a new feature for 2024, there is a dedicated track that concentrates on exploring the influence of ESG on the legal profession.

This track highlights the growing significance of this function in guiding companies through the intricacies of sustainability regulation, aligning with business objectives, and meeting stakeholder expectations.

In interactive workshops adhering to Chatham-House Rules and led by peers, legal and sustainability professionals will have the opportunity to openly discuss ideas and address key challenges they encounter in preparation for impending regulations, strategic decisions, and investments.

At the Responsible Business you will gain the tools to help you embed sustainability across the business, shape your strategy through quality sustainability data, prepare for upcoming SEC regulation, accelerate the net-zero transition and ultimately balance growth with sustainability.

Learn more

The Economist – Sustainability Week

London // March 4-6

For any organization, achieving a long-term ambition of implementing a robust sustainability strategy that yields a return on investment is crucial. Enhancing the execution of sustainability projects is not only beneficial for both business and the environment but is also anticipated by investors.

The 9th annual Sustainability Week, inclusive of the Energy Transition summit (ETS), promises to provide essential information for individuals to accelerate efforts in reducing emissions and enhancing environmental impact in 2024.

Featuring new how-to workshops, the CSO Leaders’ Club, unique Action Hour sessions, extensive networking opportunities, and an exhibition, this event is a must-attend for professionals across various sectors.

Learn more

European Forum on Urban Forestry

Zagreb, Croatia // May 22-24

The 26th European Forum on Urban Forestry in 2024 is pleased to announce its co-organization by the Croatian Forest Research Institute, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (University of Zagreb), the Croatian Forests Ltd Company, the European Forest Institute, and the Croatian Forestry Society – section Urban Forestry.

Additionally, the Public Institution Nature Park Medvednica serves as a co-organizer, and the event is sponsored by the Zagreb Tourist Board. The International Union of Forest Research Organisations (IUFRO) is facilitating the event.

The overall theme for EFUF2024 is “Urban Forests for All.”

Learn more

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