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Proof of Impact Raises $6 Million for Innovative ESG and Impact Data Platform

Proof of Impact, a next-generation platform for impact data intelligence has announced a $6 million raise in Pre-Series A funding led by Rakuten Capital.

proof of impact esg data

Proof of Impact, a next-generation platform for impact data intelligence has announced a $6 million raise in Pre-Series A funding led by Rakuten Capital.

Other investors include, Franklin Templeton Blockchain Fund, Five T, Blockrocket VC and Advaita Capital. Existing investors Franklin Templeton Advisors, CV VC, Working Capital Fund, Asiri and Oxford Angel Fund also participated.

Proof of Impact is a platform that allows customers to better understand their impact and ESG objectives with the goal of tying verified data points against financial performance.

The company has created an innovative toolset for purposes-driven investors, asset managers or other institutions who want more insight into how they fulfill their impact metrics and goals.

Proof of Impact Raises $6 Million to Build Next Generation Impact Data Platform

Since its launch last year Proof Of Impacts’ client base includes more than 30 different industries, and over 100 companies spanning six continents.

Collectively, customers have entrusted Proof of Impact with over one billion ESG and impact data points that have been validated by its platform.

The new funding will accelerate its core product development and efforts to onboard more private credit and private equity fund managers.

With the new capital, Proof of Impact will be appointing two new Board of Directors: Oskar Mielczarek de la Miel from Rakuten and Gayatri Sarkar of Advaita Capital.

“Proof of Impact’s strategy of empowering businesses to measure and improve their impact on the environment and society is consistent with Rakuten Group’s mission and sustainability goals.

We were impressed with the company’s data-driven products and the management team’s demonstrated ability to rapidly grow their customer base.

We look forward to working with them on the next stage of their growth.”

– Oskar Mielczarek de la Miel, Managing Partner at Rakuten Capital.

About Proof of Impact

Proof of Impact’s mission is to empower the transition to a more sustainable and purposeful world by linking ESG and impact data with strategic business performance.

The company provides a digital platform to collect, verify, and visualize ESG and impact data in order to generate granular insights and contextual analysis, translating raw ESG & impact data into actionable intelligence.

Proof of Impact provides the greater purpose-driven economy with the ability to comprehensively view companies’ past and predicted performance towards their social and environmental objectives — for transparent, continuous, and dynamic impact management at scale.

Proof of Impact

Proof of Impact Products

Proof of Impact currently has three product offerings:

Baseline – Baseline™ helps enterprises and investors quickly setup an ESG reporting framework that their stakeholders can rally around.

  • Define where you’re at in your Impact journey
  • Showcase your ESG Strategy & Goals
  • Self-report critical metrics with user-friendly tools
  • Visualize your data; analyze your performance

Insights – Insights™ Enables the Real-Time Collection, Visualization, and Analysis of ESG & Impact Data​

  • Define where you’re at in your Impact journey
  • Integrate your digital systems
  • Draw deeper, more granular insights from your data
  • Data-driven storytelling

Outcomes – Outcomes™ connects Impact and ESG data performance to the next generation of impact-linked financial products.

  • Powered by Catalyst™, the cloud API infrastructure, combined with blockchain & smart contracts, Outcomes™ links impact performance data directly to finance.
  • The goal is to help mobilize money invested in the projects and people making the most social and environmental progress for better outcomes that outlast us all.


ESG investing is a type of investing that takes into account environmental, social, and governance issues. ESG refers to the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental protection, social responsibility, and good governance.

ESG investing has become increasingly popular in recent years as more investors are looking to put their money into companies that are making a positive impact on the world.

ESG data is a set of environmental, social, and governance indicators that can be used to assess the sustainability of a company or investment.

ESG data can be used to screen for companies that are leaders in sustainability, identify companies with ESG risks, and track ESG performance over time.

ESG data is also becoming increasingly important to investors as they seek to align their investments with their values.

As more and more investors focus on ESG factors, the demand for ESG data will continue to grow.

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