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11 Best Mental Health Books

Mental health is so important, yet it’s something many of us struggle to prioritize. Reading books related to mental health can be an enlightening and empowering experience. The right books may provide just the insight, inspiration or comfort you need during difficult times. The right mental health

Best Mental Health Books

Mental health is so important, yet it’s something many of us struggle to prioritize. Reading books related to mental health can be an enlightening and empowering experience.

The right books may provide just the insight, inspiration or comfort you need during difficult times.

The right mental health books can offer comfort, wisdom and all the feels. It may be just the medicine you need to spark positive changes or give you a boost during tough times.

Which mental health topics or personal stories call to you? Seek out books that speak to your soul – they’re out there waiting.

Mental Health Books

Mental Health Books

Recovering from Depression

A guide to overcoming your self-sabotaging behaviors and learning healthy coping mechanisms – by Maggie Kelly

Mental Health Books - Recovering from Depression

Recovering from Depression: A guide to overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors and cultivating healthy coping mechanisms” is a compelling account for individuals grappling with intrusive thoughts and depression.

Within these pages, the author shares the lessons learned on their journey through the challenges of mental health issues. After a three-month stay in a mental health facility, they discovered the tools necessary to regain control over their life.

The book delves into the author’s personal struggle with depression and the invaluable insights acquired along the way. Readers will find a wealth of techniques to guide them through their unique recovery process.

This comprehensive guide addresses topics such as the origins of self-sabotage, strategies for conquering self-sabotaging tendencies, the development of healthy coping mechanisms, the importance of active involvement in one’s recovery, and the application of the “Health Triangle” for holistic healing.

This book is an essential read for those contemplating seeking assistance or already undergoing mental health treatment.

The author’s story serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement, offering readers a pathway towards their own journey to recovery.

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This Book Won’t Make You Happy

Eight Keys to Finding True Contentment – by Niro Feliciano

This Book Won't Make You Happy

In “This Book Won’t Make You Happy: Eight Keys to Finding True Contentment,” Niro Feliciano, a therapist and nationally recognized media commentator, becomes the go-to person for individuals seeking answers to life’s pressing questions about stress, normalcy, and happiness.

Whether it’s on the sidelines of soccer games, amidst cocktail party conversations, or in the waiting room, people often seek her insights.

Feliciano acknowledges the transient nature of happiness and the undue stress associated with its relentless pursuit. Instead, she presents a refreshing perspective on something far more attainable and deeply fulfilling: contentment.

Within the pages of this book, readers are introduced to eight straightforward postures deeply rooted in cognitive behavioral science and mindfulness practices. These postures, when incorporated into daily routines, offer a path to move beyond anxiety and toward equilibrium and serenity.

By embracing acceptance, gratitude, connection, a present-focused outlook, intentionality, self-compassion, resilience, and faith, readers are guided to overcome obstacles that hinder the achievement of meaningful and contented lives.

While anxiety, stress, and grief may persist, this book doesn’t promise to make you happy. Instead, Feliciano, with a blend of humor and empathy, leads readers beyond the pursuit of mere happiness to a place of enduring calm.

Regardless of the current state of one’s life, her guidance helps individuals find a deeper, truer, and longer-lasting sense of contentment.

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Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking – by Dr. Caroline Leaf

Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess

In “Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple, Scientifically Proven Steps to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Toxic Thinking,” readers are presented with a compelling and practical approach to addressing the turmoil of toxic thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Caroline Leaf, supported by clinical research and enriched by real-life case studies, offers a scientifically validated five-step blueprint for identifying and eradicating the underlying causes of these mental challenges.

This transformative journey promises a path to vastly improved mental and physical well-being. In just 21 days, individuals can embark on the process of tidying up their mental landscape, setting them on a course toward wholeness, tranquility, and lasting happiness.

Don’t resign yourself to the chaos of a cluttered mind; discover the hope and help that can lead you to a brighter and healthier mental state.

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The Brainbow Blueprint

A Clinical Guide to Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Well-Being – by Leslie Korn

The Brainbow Blueprint

“The Brainbow Blueprint: A Clinical Guide to Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Mental Well-Being” introduces a groundbreaking approach to whole-person wellness that transcends the limitations of conventional healthcare, emphasizing the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

In this pioneering work, the synthesis of psychotherapy, somatics, nutrition, biology, herbal medicine, and spirituality is used to address the holistic needs of individuals seeking mental health treatment.

With a foundation built on more than four decades of research and clinical experience, this book offers a unique blend of disciplines, designed to harmonize and interconnect, focusing on integration as the key to empowering clients in their journey towards managing conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, insomnia, chronic pain, substance use disorder, digestive issues, and more.

Comprising a wealth of resources, including step-by-step handouts, worksheets, adherence strategies, culinary medicine recipes, and clinical assessments, “The Brainbow Blueprint” serves as an extensive guide to assist both novice and advanced practitioners in integrating the emerging and transformative field of integrative medicine and nutrition into their practices.

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Let That Sh*t Go

A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsh*t Behind and Creating a Happy Life – by Monica Sweeney

Let That Sh*t Go

In “Let That Sht Go: A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsht Behind and Creating a Happy Life,” Monica Sweeney, renowned for her bestselling journals “Manifest That Sht” and “Zen as Fck,” extends the gift of liberation to her readers.

With this journal, she encourages individuals to shed the burdens of their own bullsh*t, making way for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Harboring grudges and seeking revenge can consume a tremendous amount of one’s energy. While the prospect of relishing a moment of schadenfreude may seem appealing, true contentment often lies in the simple act of not giving a fck.

“Let That Sht Go” offers readers a path to experience moments of catharsis and joy, rich with profanity-laced authenticity, through a series of journaling activities and inspirations that are as positive as they are frank.

This charming journal provides a means to let go of the nonsense and elevate one’s spirit to new heights.

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healing for no one but me

by Jennae Cecelia

healing for no one but me

In “Healing For No One But Me,” Jennae Cecelia, the best-selling poet celebrated for her previous work, “The Sun Will Rise and So Will We,” presents her tenth collection of poetry centered around the theme of healing.

This book is a poignant offering, arriving at a time when the weight of years has left many feeling burdened and uncertain.

“Healing For No One But Me” seeks to empower readers and alleviate the sense of isolation in their innermost thoughts, while also addressing the everyday realities of life.

Cecelia’s verses extend solace and support to individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak, difficult phases, or multiple hardships.

The book serves as a healing journey, a reminder that healing doesn’t need to be a solitary endeavor and should never be rushed.

It is a sanctuary for finding solace, offering a diverse collection of poems suitable for readers of all ages. This book is a fitting companion for those navigating transitions, transformations, or challenging moments in their lives.

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Stop Overthinking

23 Techniques to Relieve Stress, Stop Negative Spirals, Declutter Your Mind, and Focus on the Present – by Nick Trenton

Stop Overthinking

In “Stop Overthinking,” readers are offered a transformative journey to break free from the shackles of negative thought patterns, alleviate stress, and lead a worry-free life. The book recognizes that overthinking is a significant contributor to unhappiness and aims to guide individuals away from the endless thought loops that can ensnare them.

Within these pages, readers are encouraged to remain grounded in the present moment, redirecting their focus away from issues of minimal consequence.

The author, Nick Trenton, acknowledges the mental prisons people construct for themselves and provides a comprehensive toolkit, backed by scientific principles, to rewire the brain, regain control over thoughts, and reform mental habits.

This book empowers readers to alter their thought processes and emotional responses, thereby breaking the vicious cycles that can lead to anxiety and stress. With an array of powerful techniques, readers can learn to:

  • Cease agonizing over past events and overanalyzing negative experiences.
  • Identify and manage triggers that fuel negative spirals.
  • Recognize inner anxieties and keep the focus on relaxation and proactive steps.
  • Implement proven methods to overcome stress attacks.
  • Declutter the mind and attain a state of focused clarity.

Through the guidance of “Stop Overthinking,” readers can release their untapped potential, opening the door to a more fulfilling and stress-free existence.

The book encourages individuals to shed self-deprecating self-talk, eliminate sleepless nights dominated by racing thoughts, and reclaim their ability to live in the present moment, all while achieving more, feeling better, and unlocking their true potential.

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Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

by Julie Smith

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?

In her debut book, “Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?” Dr. Julie Smith, a clinical psychologist and well-known online personality, shares her wealth of experience and expertise, providing readers with valuable skills to confront common life challenges while taking control of their emotional and mental well-being.

This book draws upon the hidden gems from a therapist’s toolkit, offering an essential guide to fortifying and preserving mental health, even in the face of the most demanding situations.

Dr. Julie Smith’s professional insights and powerful coping techniques empower readers to build resilience in various aspects of their lives.

Whether the goal is to manage anxiety, navigate criticism, cope with depression, cultivate self-confidence, find motivation, or embrace self-forgiveness, “Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?” offers practical solutions, delivered in easily digestible entries, making it effortless for readers to access specific information and guidance.

The book underscores the equal significance of mental and physical well-being and equips readers with a repertoire of proven strategies.

Dr. Julie’s compassionate guidance delves into the inner workings of the mind, fostering a deeper understanding and providing the tools necessary to nurture mental health daily.

“Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?” stands as a wise and pragmatic resource, with the potential to bring transformative change to readers’ lives.

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Unf–k Your Brain

by Faith G. Harper PhD LPC-S ACS ACN

Unf--k Your Brain

In “Unf–k Your Brain,” readers encounter a no-nonsense and highly informative guide, dedicated to addressing an array of mental-health challenges that relentlessly plague individuals across the globe.

The human brain, while generally well-intentioned, can occasionally exhibit behavior that feels disruptive or even detrimental. It has a tendency to go haywire, form addictions, or shut down entirely at the most inconvenient moments.

Although it recognizes the undesirability of such actions, it occasionally succumbs, particularly when consumed by obsessive thoughts about insurmountable traumas.

Dr. Faith, the author of this transformative book, employs a blend of humor, patience, scientific insights, and liberally sprinkled profanity to elucidate the inner workings of the human mind.

She adeptly guides readers through the process of retraining their brains to respond suitably to the everyday challenges that aren’t genuine emergencies, as well as equipping them to effectively address both old and newly acquired traumas, with a particular focus on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

“Unf–k Your Brain” serves as a beacon of hope and empowerment for those seeking to regain control over their mental well-being.

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It Didn’t Start with You

How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle – by Mark Wolynn

It Didn't Start with You

In “It Didn’t Start with You,” readers are invited to explore the profound intergenerational impact of trauma on mental and physical health. This groundbreaking book challenges conventional notions about the origins of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, phobias, and obsessive thoughts.

The compelling evidence suggests that the roots of these challenges may extend beyond our immediate life experiences or chemical imbalances in our brains, reaching back into the lives of our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents.

Mark Wolynn, a pioneer in the field of inherited family trauma, draws upon the latest scientific research to shed light on this phenomenon, which has often been intuited but not fully understood.

He highlights the work of esteemed experts in post-traumatic stress, such as neuroscientist Rachel Yehuda from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and psychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk, renowned for “The Body Keeps the Score.”

“It Didn’t Start with You” elucidates how traumatic experiences can transcend generations, even when the original sufferer has passed away or their story has been forgotten or silenced.

Wolynn offers readers a pragmatic and prescriptive guide to his method, known as the Core Language Approach. This approach includes diagnostic self-inventories to unveil the fears and anxieties embedded in everyday language, behaviors, and physical symptoms.

Readers can also explore techniques for creating a genogram or extended family tree, providing a visual representation of generational experiences.

Through visualization, active imagination, and direct dialogue, individuals can navigate pathways to reconnect with their inherited family trauma, promoting integration and healing.

“It Didn’t Start With You” offers a transformative perspective on addressing long-standing emotional and physical challenges that may have proven resistant to traditional therapy, pharmaceutical interventions, or other treatments.

This book empowers individuals to comprehend the hidden emotional legacies embedded in their family history and provides tools for reclaiming their lives and health.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Why Your Thinking Is the Beginning & End of Suffering – by Joseph Nguyen

Don't Believe Everything You Think

In “Don’t Believe Everything You Think,” readers are invited to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and mental liberation.

This audiobook provides a profound exploration of the root causes of psychological and emotional suffering and offers a path to achieving freedom of mind, enabling the creation of a more fulfilling life.

The audiobook challenges the idea that suffering is an inevitable consequence of pain, offering an entirely new paradigm and understanding of the human experience.

It empowers individuals to break free from the shackles of suffering and to actively shape how they wish to feel in any given moment.

Within the audiobook, readers will find insights into:

  • Identifying the core cause of psychological and emotional suffering and methods to overcome it.
  • Techniques to become resilient to negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Approaches to cultivating unconditional love, peace, and joy in the present, regardless of external circumstances.
  • Strategies to instantly craft a new life experience if the current one is unsatisfactory.
  • Ways to escape the grip of negative thought patterns and overcome recurring loops.
  • Methods for releasing anxiety, self-doubt, self-sabotage, and self-destructive behaviors.
  • Approaches to effortlessly create from a state of abundance, flow, and ease.
  • Developing the capacity to embrace uncertainty and the unknown.
  • Accessing intuition and inner wisdom beyond the constraints of rational thinking.

The audiobook conveys a universal message, assuring that no matter one’s past experiences, origins, or actions, the potential for total peace, unconditional love, fulfillment, and boundless joy is within reach for all.

It emphasizes that every individual has the capacity to transcend suffering, even in the darkest of moments, as light always coexists with darkness.

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think” is a repository of timeless wisdom, providing readers with the understanding of the infinite potential of the human mind to craft the desired life experience, regardless of external circumstances.

This work does not rely on brain rewiring, rewriting the past, or positive thinking, but instead, it facilitates an expansion of consciousness that is both enduring and transformative, encouraging readers to look beyond their thoughts and tap into the profound truths that lie within their own souls.

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