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6 Getaways Around the World for the Eco Conscious Traveler

As warm weather slowly approaches, it’s time to start planning your spring and summer trips, but this time, preferably with a green twist. Thanks to our modern capabilities, faster and cheaper travel and accommodation options and overall connectivity, we now have the chance to stay in places that we

Getaways Around the World for Eco-Conscious Travelers

As warm weather slowly approaches, it’s time to start planning your spring and summer trips, but this time, preferably with a green twist. Thanks to our modern capabilities, faster and cheaper travel and accommodation options and overall connectivity, we now have the chance to stay in places that were once out of reach and experience genuine culture and intact wilderness in all of their glory.

However, with new options come new, or old, but thus far neglected, responsibilities. The conscious traveler can now choose to travel in more eco-friendly ways, preserve the environment and make their own positive contribution.

Certain places are more advanced in that sense than others, and traveling to these particular destinations will give you the possibility to explore and enjoy adventure while you simultaneously do your best to protect Mother Earth. Here are a few bucket list-worthy options you should consider for this year!


Photo by Tom Juggins

This European jewel boasts so much more than its famous Tivoli Gardens. In fact, if you take a closer look at the population and their way of life, you’ll notice that love for our planet is deeply embedded in their society and behavior. They mostly use bicycles to go around, they treat their cemeteries as public parks, and they are generally very eco-friendly in their ways. So it should come as no surprise that 71% of hotel rooms in Copenhagen boast the official Green Key guarantee.

They implement cutting-edge tech to make sure their CO2 footprint is as low as possible, to maximize energy conservation with the help of effective AC systems and heating systems. Then again, their cuisine is based mostly on organic, local and seasonal items, and you’ll find that the use of textile is also focused on recyclable and sustainable fabrics. You’ll find that even their fashion is highly sustainable, so if you’re up for an urban escapade amidst green choices, Denmark should be at the very top of your list.


Photo by Coleen Rivas

Another urban gem, Singapore has become one of those unexpected places where ecotourism has started thriving due to their dedication to creating more eco-friendly options to worldwide visitors. In fact, the region is well-known for its conservation efforts when it comes to their local wildlife, so you can find specialized zoos that raise awareness on their endangered species.

When it comes to your stay, you can easily find a green hotel in Singapore that boasts everything from sustainable design practices all the way to energy conservation efforts. As urban and fast-paced as the city may be, you’ll find that Singaporeans value their tranquility as well, so in addition to eco-focused hotels, you can spend time in their natural reserves, hidden green zones and the intertwined landscape of modern architecture with greenery in the heart of the city.

Costa Rica

Photo by Perry Grone

Always considered a perfect example of what eco-tourism is all about, Costa Rica is today one of those few wild destinations that have managed to preserve their cultural heritage and their forward-thinking identity. There are many resorts and retreats in Costa Rica that serve as perfect accommodation, although you’ll most likely spend the majority of your time exploring this extremely diverse country and its many wildlife parks and protected rainforests.

While you’re sampling their local but world-renowned cuisine, make sure to check for any activities that you can participate in and that would help contribute to the preservation of the country’s stunning biodiversity and unique wildlife.

Nice, France

Photo by Oscar Nord

In addition to their love for fine wine, impeccable cheese and overall gastronomic pleasures, France has made great strides in an attempt to offer a more environmental take on tourism. Enter: Nice, as one of its most prestigious destinations, now boasting a green hotel at the very coast of the Mediterranean. In addition to fresh, locally-grown food, the hotel goes above and beyond to provide other green services and deliver on their sustainable promise.

The fact that you’ll find some of the finest eco practices implemented doesn’t limit your access to pure pampering sessions of wellness and yoga on the premises. It’s a perfect example showing that luxury can achieve sustainably, so that you can explore the region with our lovely Mother Nature in mind.


Photo by Jonatan Pie

Recently, Iceland has become one of the hottest cold destinations in the world. That is to say, despite its intimidatingly cold winters, conscious travelers eagerly venture into its vast wilderness to see one of those precious phenomena called the Aurora Borealis. However, the allure of visiting Iceland extends well beyond its nature – because its attitude towards nature is as impressive as the land itself.

As an example, their geothermal resources have become one of the main energy sources for the country, taking the pressure off other, less sustainable options. They are also proud of their preservation practices that aim to keep the oceans clean, and this mindset prevails in every corner of the country.

The beauty of eco-travel is that you can now see the world from a different vantage point, not merely for your own pleasure, but to contribute in various ways. Ecotourism teaches us to cherish our natural wealth, and these destinations are some of the best picks to show us all how it’s done. It’s time to pack your bags and let these incredible regions change your mind for the better!

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