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6 Women-Led Companies in the Parenting Space Improving the Planet

With heartfelt missions and dynamic approaches, these visionary women-led companies are not just selling a product or a service. Rather, they are redefining what it means to support families in the modern world.

6 Women-Led Companies in the Parenting Space Improving the Planet
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With heartfelt missions and dynamic approaches, these visionary women-led companies are not just selling a product or a service. Rather, they are redefining what it means to support families in the modern world.

Take Ashley Chang’s company, Sundays. After witnessing parents leaving the workforce, they set out to create an executive assistant service that empowered parents to have both quality family time and a flourishing career.

Bliss’d Co, led by Allie Mirosevic, serves as another inspiring example. Allie discovered the power of journaling while experiencing postpartum depression and now creates easy-to-use products to support other moms on their personal growth journeys.

We invite you to discover these and so many more powerful companies that are improving family life and pushing the boundaries of what innovation and empathy can achieve. 

Lights On Labs, Led by Seisei Tatebe-Goddu

Lights On Labs incubates campaigns and organizations that activate the public in the demand for responsible technology. 

How Lights On Labs improves the planet: 

Our goal is to supercharge promising campaigns and organizations working to demand better technology.

Over the past decade, decisions made by a small group of tech CEOs and investors have reshaped our society, including how we relate to each other, how we understand our world, and how we define our self-worth. Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among 10-14 year olds in the United States.

We believe a much better future is possible, but getting there requires changing the rules of the game. 

As our first pilot, we helped to launch MAMA, Mothers Against Media Addiction. MAMA has now launched six chapters across the US, gotten the attention of Oprah and Kara Swisher, and held rallies in state capitols and in front of Meta headquarters.

We're helping to create a support environment for parents as they wrestle with how to raise their children in a world of screens. We're just getting started in the fight to protect children's online safety!

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for: 

We're looking forward to identifying and inspiring more leaders who are working to demand that technology work for humanity, not the other way around.

We're starting by tackling the intersection of AI and mental health, environment/climate, jobs, bias, fraud attacks on the elderly, and deep fakes.

For far too long, the decisions about what and how tech gets developed has been made by a powerful few. We're living in a polarized, lonely, hateful place as a result. It's time for that to end.

Sundays, Led by Ashley Chang

Sundays is an executive assistant service for working parents. 

How Sundays improves the planet:

Sundays helps working parents get time back so they can be their best at work and home. Each family we work with partners with an executive assistant who gets to know them, their goals, and how they think to take on the mental and time burden of parenting.

We often save parents more than 15 hours per month by taking ownership of things like making appointments, signing up for sports, getting health insurance reimbursements, and anything that requires phone calls during the work day.

This helps parents succeed in their careers and still get quality family time.

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for:

We support ambitious parents at home and work. We partner with parents who have full-time jobs to handle family admin tasks and support parents holistically with work when we can.

Today, all of our work is virtual. We're excited to add in-person support later this year to help with the chores and errands families need to run as well.

FLRRiSH, Led by Jodi Klaristenfeld

FLRRiSH is the premier resource for preemie parents, helping families navigate the unexpected journey from hospital to home. 

How FLRRiSH improves the planet:

Working with me, women have reframed their mindset around what their parenting journey will look like for the first few years.

They are tackling issues and triggers by taking small, incremental steps, gaining necessary tools to successfully advocate for services and therapies on their child’s behalf, experiencing joy in all the small wins, and taking pleasure in being a parent to the most special human being on the planet.

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for:

I'd love to speak on more panels and give speeches, as well as take on more clients. Prematurity is on the rise in the United States. In fact, the occurrence of 10.4% preterm births is the highest of any first world nation.

With over 40% of parents exhibiting mental health issues within the first eight years of their child being in the NICU, that is a lot of parents feeling unsupported, lost, and confused.

Aspen Growth Coaching, Led by Alex Mufson, LCSW

Aspen Growth Coaching is a team of specialized coaches dedicated to turning insight into action so you can get back to living your life. 

How AGC improves the planet:

AGC offers support to parents and families where life hasn't gone exactly as planned and they are struggling to relate to each other.

We come alongside parents and families that are learning to support each other despite traumas, different types of brains, and unexpected challenges.

Parents are raising the next generation of our innovators, artists, and leaders while in incredibly challenging, new times. We at AGC are standing with them.

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for:

We love working with parents raising neuroatypical adolescents and young adults to support the whole family in coloring outside the lines!

We also focus on working with young adults and their parents who have faced incredible challenges trying to launch into their adulthood through a global pandemic, helping them find their way and move forward successfully.

Montie & Joie, Led by Sydney de Arenas

Montie & Joie is an ethical home goods and clothing brand that focuses on financially empowering women around the world.

How Montie & Joie improves the planet:

Montie and Joie works with artisan women in developing countries to ensure they have access to income that empowers them and supports their families.

We use sustainable materials such as second-hand denim and sisal to make our baskets.

The material comes from a native plant that helps with soil erosion in a very dry region that needs it. With everything we do, we try to do more than just one act of good.

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for: 

Venturing into ethical interior design projects marks a significant milestone for us. It's rewarding to create entire projects using sustainable furniture and decor, especially for clients who hadn't considered this option previously.

While our M&J shop caters to those who already prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, our aim now is to broaden our interior design services to introduce these principles to a wider audience.

Bliss'd Co, Led by Allie Mirosevic

Bliss'd Co is creating easy-to-use journals to help moms level up in all areas of their lives. 

How Bliss’d improves the planet:

In line with my mission to help moms live more connected, joyful, and fulfilling lives, Bliss'd is a proud partner of the SeekHer Foundation, an advocacy group for women's mental health.

As an advocacy project of WellSeek, SeekHer Foundation is on a mission to bridge the gender gap of mental health through advocacy, research, and support for women changemakers who are making a difference in their local communities. I give 10% of Bliss'd profits each year to SeekHer.

Who we hope to make the biggest difference for:

We are so excited to continue to work with moms who are looking for simple yet effective tools to help them become the best versions of themselves—like journaling.

I'm launching a new course and community on journaling for manifestation.

It's for the moms who are interested in manifestation but don't have the time to deep dive into it and the moms who are looking to connect with an aligned community interested in personal growth and development.

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