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Meet Vow, the Disruptive Startup Inventing a New Category of Food From Animal Cells

In Episode 159 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, we speak with George Peppou, Founder and CEO of Vow, on inventing a new category of food from animal cells and disrupting food production around the world.

Meet Vow, the Disruptive Startup Inventing a New Category of Food From Animal Cells

In Episode 159 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, we speak with George Peppou, Founder and CEO of Vow, on inventing a new category of food from animal cells and disrupting food production around the world.

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About George Peppou

Prior to founding Vow in 2019, George founded GrowLab in 2017, an Australian accelerator for agrifood tech startups.

From 2015 – 2017, he was a design innovation practitioner at the UTS Design Innovation Research Center where he led the development and delivery of design innovation programs for Federal Government clients facing complex, sector-level challenges.

In-between these jobs, George also worked as a course director, lecturer, and tutor at the University of Technology Sydney where taught topics like the process and methods of inventions, as well as how to approach sector-level transformation and strategy.

Earlier in his career, he worked as an inventor for a company called Intellectual Ventures and later as a research analyst for the University of Technology Sydney.

George Peppou, Founder and CEO of Vow

What is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular agriculture is a branch of food technology that deals with the production of animal cells in a controlled environment. It is an alternative to traditional livestock farming and could potentially provide a more efficient and sustainable way to produce meat and other animal products.

The first step in cellular agriculture is to culture cells from an animal in a laboratory setting. These cells are then placed in a nutrient-rich environment that allows them to grow and multiply. Once the cells have reached a certain size, they can be harvested and used to create meat or other animal products.

It could potentially reduce the impact of traditional livestock farming on the environment, and provide a more humane option for those who do not want to eat animals that have been raised in factory farms.

Read more about cellular agriculture here.

About Vow

Vow is built on a diverse, cross-functional team of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and most importantly, foodies! They’re reinventing food from the ground up to make it more delicious and sustainable for everyone.

Vow is a cultivated meat company working to make the food industry more progressive in environmentally sustainable ways.

George and co-founder Tim Noakesmitha launched Vow in April 2019 after previously bonding over wanting to find a solution to replace animal agriculture with a more sustainable method of food production.

Vow has recently experienced tremendous company growth using state-of-the-art cultured meat technology—where new meat products are produced directly from the cells of animals instead of the animals themselves.

Vow is making a new category of food, driven by fresh thinking

How it Works

Cell curation

They cultivate the perfect combination of cells for their ability to self renew, and for ideal flavor, texture, and aromas.

Their unique combination of cell biology, robotics, and software engineering allows Vow to decipher information contained at the deepest level of the cell faster than anyone else – where the keys to new flavor, texture and nutrition have been hidden until now.

The best cells for food are stored in a proprietary multi-species cell library. Over time they’ll gather hundreds of possible combinations, which form the building blocks of future products.

Prepare and Nourish

Vow then adds essential micronutrients that help create a tasty textured meat profile. It’s like your favorite recipe, but at a molecular level, providing quality, purity, and consistency better than any meat.

Pure Nurture

Vow then places the cells inside climate-controlled cultivators – creating a natural course of forming muscle, fat, and connective tissue in the safest way possible.

Package into a Range of Branded Consumer Products

This is the Vow. The moment they’ve all been hoping, working, and dreaming toward. A curated range of tasty, meat options with different flavor profiles for you to cook, serve, dine, and to be delighted by!

The Potential of This on the World

  • Feeding ten billion people becomes reality. Fast.
  • No more ethical headaches around meat.
  • Mother Earth gets some much-needed R&R.
  • More options for different consumers, with different needs, anywhere in the world.
  • A cell library to fit any culture and diet.
  • More delicious and nutritious food options for everyone.
  • Getting food down to an exact science means reliable and delicious quality every time, everywhere.
  • The prevention of food illness pandemics with a safer solution to food.

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