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Topl Protocol Helps Unlock Value From Positive Impact

In Episode 171 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, I speak with Chris Georgen, Founder of Topl, on empowering corporations, startups and nonprofits to unlock value from positive impact using blockchain technology. Listen to more Causeartist podcasts. Chris is a highly accomplished leader with an imp

Topl Protocol Empowers Corporations, Startups and Nonprofits to Unlock Value From Positive Impact

In Episode 171 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, I speak with Chris Georgen, Founder of Topl, on empowering corporations, startups and nonprofits to unlock value from positive impact using blockchain technology.

Listen to more Causeartist podcasts.

Chris is a highly accomplished leader with an impressive track record in the web3 space. Serving as Managing Director of Topl, he helps to spearhead the only blockchain ecosystem dedicated to radical impact and takes an active role in protocol design while leading tokenomics and governance efforts.

Furthermore, Chris has been part of this sector since 2012 when co-founding a mobile payments fintech that launched on Ethereum shortly after its launch; his success having stemmed from degrees obtained at Rice University spanning Mathematics, Chemical Physics & Philosophy.

During his time at university, Chris made an impact in the academic realm – researching complex systems and developing models that would power Topl’s unique design.

He also pushed forward conversations on blockchain technology, economics, sustainability, international development across 20 countries during invited talks and various working groups. His efforts further empowered web3 to bring meaningful social impact initiatives into realization.

About Topl

Topl is revolutionizing the way businesses interact in today’s economy. By utilizing its groundbreaking blockchain, corporations, startups and nonprofits have access to a new world of capabilities that unlock value from positive global impact.

With this technology comes data capture methods never seen before as well as smart asset digitalization and tokenization – allowing for cutting-edge markets & economies built on the Topl platform.

Businesses around the globe are leading a modern revolution of conscientious action. Powerful tools developed in recent years mean that making an impact is more efficient, cheaper and effective than ever before.

Ways Topl is helping the impact revolution.

  • Helping a coffee or cocoa farmer earn a living wage
  • Tracking COVID-19 tests, ensuring they stay cold in their journey to patients
  • Opening a window into diamond supply chains, offering proof that stones are conflict-free
  • Enabling seamless carbon capture, allowing businesses to transact in growing markets while giving back to the earth
About Topl

Topl within Agriculture

Despite the numerous technological advancements made since the inception of agriculture, the initial links in our food supply chain remain critical to civilization. However, the farm-to-fork process is often convoluted and far-reaching, and farmers across the globe face a range of challenges, including the disproportionate share of profits taken by third-party intermediaries.

Additionally, the agricultural supply chain is extensive and diverse, with many crops and wild-caught foods originating from areas with limited food safety and traceability standards.

The Topl Blockchain provides a solution to these complex, opaque supply chains, making them more transparent by shedding light on farm origins and ensuring that farmers receive fair compensation.

The Dutch NGO, Fairfood, employs the Topl Blockchain to power a SaaS platform that tracks food from the farm. Consumers can scan a QR code to trace the overseas journey of a coffee bean shipment and rest assured that ethical practices and fair wages are behind their morning cup.

Topl for Metals & Materials

For decades, a movement has been underway to uncover and provide alternatives to conflict diamonds. In certain parts of Africa, profits from diamond mines support armed conflicts. Moreover, in these and other areas of the continent, miners who manually extract gems are often as young as middle-school age.

With the diamond industry worth $80 billion, supply chains appear shrouded in mystery to foreign buyers. Similar issues arise with lithium, cobalt, and other materials necessary to achieve critical renewable energy objectives.

The Topl Blockchain offers a solution to these problems by exposing mining conditions and tracing each diamond’s story. For example, the diamond vendor LuDeim only sells conflict-free diamonds sourced sustainably from the earth.

LuDeim meticulously tracks each diamond’s journey, from the moment it’s extracted from the soil to the time it’s placed in a ring. This comprehensive transparency demonstrates that everyone involved in the process, including miners, distributors, and retailers, participates in a sustainable and ethical procedure every step of the way, from mine to marriage.

Topl for Energy & Sustainability

The majority of recent greenhouse gas increases result from human activity, primarily the misuse of energy, causing climate change. To counteract this trend, Topl has made it a core mission to employ the Topl Blockchain.

This blockchain utilizes 10 million times less energy than proof-of-work mechanisms used in first and second-generation blockchains. By using a low-energy approach, the Topl Blockchain supports an impact-focused blockchain while also being environmentally conscious.

Topl also indirectly addresses this mission by assisting organizations in enhancing their operations, maximizing their impact, and demonstrating their dedication to global sustainability.

Topl is also partnering with Xpansiv, a global ESG-inclusive commodities market, to offer tracing that helps value commodities such as energy, carbon, and water. This partnership will enable participants to track these commodities and determine their worth accurately.

Topl for Supply Chain & Logistics

The company enhances the efficiency and intelligence of supply chains by increasing data transparency, making it tamper-resistant, and interoperable. By integrating smart assets, the Topl Blockchain can improve supply chains and logistics operations with new capabilities.

Furthermore, companies that offer advanced supply chain solutions can partner with Topl to enhance their processes with a new set of tools.

Topl for Supply Chain & Logistics

An example of such a partnership is between the IOT supply chain solution provider, TrackX, and the Topl Blockchain.

These two technologies work in unison to offer completely transparent, sustainable, efficient, and verifiable tracking and tracing capabilities. Customers can verify data more affordably, and proving ESG claims becomes easy.

Topl for Fashion & Beauty

Regrettably, many products that we consider beautiful are created in unsightly ways. In some foreign factories, workers can work for over 16 hours a day and receive meager pay.

These working conditions are harsh for the employees who endure them. Many businesses and consumers further down the supply chain abstain from purchasing fashion and beauty products that originate from foreign sweatshops.

From a business perspective, unexpected crackdowns by foreign governments can sever supply chains, leaving brands without goods for months.

The Topl Blockchain provides a digital view of distant factory conditions. By adding assets like fabric and shirts to the blockchain from the factory, parties can ensure, even from afar, that they are avoiding factories that engage in labor abuses.

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