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Inside SHICKEN's Kitchen: Where Tradition Meets Culinary Innovation

In this interview, Parm Bains, co-founder of SHICKEN, provides insights into the origins of SHICKEN Foods, its mission-driven approach, positive societal and environmental impact, and funding rounds.

Inside SHICKEN's Kitchen: Where Tradition Meets Culinary Innovation
SHICKEN founders Parm & Satvinder Bains

Driven by a simple yet profound vision, SHICKEN aims to redefine plant-based dining by offering a diverse array of vegan alternatives to traditional meat-based favorites.

Their signature SHICKEN pieces are artfully crafted to deliver an unparalleled sensory delight without compromising on taste, texture, or culinary enjoyment.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, SHICKEN has swiftly emerged as a leading player in the realm of plant-based gastronomy.

From humble beginnings in their home kitchen to rapid expansion both domestically and internationally, the journey of SHICKEN is a testament to the transformative power of tradition, innovation, and a shared commitment to culinary excellence.

In the below interview, Parm Bains, co-founder of SHICKEN, provides insights into the origins of SHICKEN, its mission-driven approach, positive societal and environmental impact, funding rounds, and the technological tools driving its operational success.

SHICKEN Tikka Kebabs

Q: What was the lightbulb moment and origin story of SHICKEN Foods?

A: My wife and Co-Founder Satvinder have been cooking traditional vegetarian and plant-based Indian food for our family and children for decades.

Cooking authentic recipes that have been passed down generations from her mother and grandmother.

During lockdown we wanted to share our home cooked family recipes with families around the UK, so we started SHICKEN from our home kitchen, cooking and packing our Shicken meals and kebabs.

During this time we were supported by our family and team of chief tasters (the kids) and hard-working packing team (our proud parents) Fast forward 3 years and SHICKEN is now one of the fastest growing plant-based brands in the UK and one of only three brands that have successfully launched into the US market.

Q: What is the brand's mission and vision?

A: Our mission is simple, we want to offer the highest quality plant-based alternative meals, kebabs and snacks for consumers favourite meat-based foods.

Focusing on our families Indian heritage and culture to offer restaurant quality authentic foods that anyone can enjoy in the comfort of their home.

Every meal we produce doesn't sacrifice or compromise on taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of delicious authentic Asian foods.

Q: How does SCHICKEN impact lives and/or the Environment in a positive way?

A: Each product that we produce is 100% plant-based using natural and locally sourced ingredients where we can.

Packaged in recyclable packaging, and produced in a manufacturing site which uses 95% energy from renewable sources providing our products with low carbon emissions and footprint.

Consuming plant-based foods is the greatest contribution consumers can make to limit and reduce their individual environment impact.

Q: How have you funded the company thus far?

A: In addition to investing our life savings into SHICKEN, we have raised £6 million through several funding rounds with Veg Capital Ltd a UK based VC that invests solely in plant-based and vegan businesses.

The multi-million pound funding has enabled us to build a state-of-the-art dedicated plant-based manufacturing facility in the UK to service all our retail and foodservice customer globally plus continue to invest in our future product innovations.

Q: What tools do you use to run SHICKEN?

A: We continue to invest in online and management tools and systems for day to day running on the business which includes SAGE, SAP, QuickBooks plus Shopify for our direct to consumer sales.

We also use various marketing communication tools which include MailChimp, Canva, Photoshop, Illustrator and the Adobe Suite.

These continued investments into systems and platforms is essential for a growing business like SHICKEN.

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