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SewerAI Raises $15 Million Series B to Revolutionize Sewer Inspection

SewerAI, a global innovator in AI and cloud-driven sewer condition assessment, has successfully closed a $15 million Series B funding round.

SewerAI Raises $15 Million Series B to Revolutionize Sewer Inspection

SewerAI, a global innovator in AI and cloud-driven sewer condition assessment, has successfully closed a $15 million Series B funding round.

This round was led by Innovius Capital and saw participation from Emerald VC, Epic Ventures, Suffolk Ventures, Bentley Systems, Burnt Island Ventures, and notable individual investors like Zachary Bookman, founder and CEO of OpenGov, and CEOs from several leading AI and computer vision companies.

About SewerAI

SewerAI, headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, is a leader in sewer condition assessment and inspection data management.

Leveraging its cloud inspection management platform (Pioneer™) and AI Computer Vision tools (AutoCode™), SewerAI helps wastewater professionals enhance productivity, accuracy, and cost-efficiency in maintaining and renewing aging collection systems.

With millions of feet of sewer data managed by municipalities, environmental services contractors, and engineering firms, SewerAI is revolutionizing infrastructure assessment and improving environmental health.

Addressing the Challenges of Aging Infrastructure

The United States faces a monumental challenge with its aging infrastructure, which requires over $1 trillion in repairs and maintenance.

Traditional inspection methods and legacy software have proven to be inefficient, slow, and error-prone, leaving crews and equipment idle 66% of the time.

SewerAI’s innovative cloud and AI-based solutions aim to transform critical infrastructure management, enhancing the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of sewer inspections.

By utilizing SewerAI's platform, customers have doubled their daily inspection capacities, improved data quality, and reduced turnaround times.

Strategic Use of Funds for Expansion and Enhancement

SewerAI plans to use the newly acquired funds to:

  • Expand its engineering and go-to-market teams
  • Enhance AI training capabilities
  • Broaden its product offerings
  • Scale operations

These initiatives will lead to further product enhancements, boosting productivity, accuracy, and collaboration, and expanding integrations with other solutions.

Recent Successes and Future Prospects

The funding round builds on SewerAI’s impressive growth, with the company more than doubling its revenue year-over-year.

SewerAI collaborates with major utilities and contractors, including the city of Houston and the Puris Corporation, and anticipates doubling its customer base again this year.

The company continues to extend its partner network and introduce innovative features such as automated quality checks and 3D manhole inspections.

SewerAI’s AI-based platform is already in production, delivering real-world value to its customers.

Endorsements from Industry Leaders

Candice S. Miller, Public Works Commissioner of Macomb County, Michigan, emphasized the importance of SewerAI’s technology:

"We've been doing whatever is necessary with the goal of preventing another underground infrastructure disaster. Inspections are an important element of that effort, and using SewerAI software enables us to perform that task much quicker, more effectively and more efficiently while saving ratepayers millions of dollars."

Justin Moore, CEO of Innovius Capital, highlighted the critical infrastructure challenges and the role of AI solutions:

"The U.S. is facing critical infrastructure challenges, and AI solutions that drive down costs and speed up remediation will be key. SewerAI's cloud and AI-driven solutions significantly reduce costs and enhance efficiency and accuracy in inspecting the 6.8 billion feet of sewer pipes across the nation.

Its advanced technology and robust dataset make it the clear market leader, enabling field workers to eliminate repetitive tasks and focus on proactive maintenance and remediation, ultimately improving critical urban infrastructure management. We are excited to support SewerAI's growth and impact."

Matthew Rosenthal, founder and CEO of SewerAI, shared the impact of their technology:

"U.S. municipalities spend about $50 billion annually just to maintain their aging pipe infrastructure. Our software has saved tens of thousands of engineering hours and tens of millions of dollars for our customers. This new funding round will enable us to expand our product portfolio and scale as we continue to provide massive value to our customers and partners."

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