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Pluralsight Grants $2 Million to Nonprofits for Technology Skills Training

Pluralsight, a leader in technology workforce development, has announced a significant initiative to bridge the technology skills gap and promote workforce diversity.

Pluralsight Grants $2 Million to Nonprofits for Technology Skills Training

Pluralsight, a leader in technology workforce development, has announced a significant initiative to bridge the technology skills gap and promote workforce diversity.

Pluralsight One, the company's social impact organization, has committed $2 million in immediate cash grants from the Pluralsight One Fund, managed by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

These grants, coupled with over 25,000 donated Pluralsight Skills licenses, aim to empower nonprofit organizations in expanding access to technology skills development for underrepresented populations.

Key Facts and Statistics

  • 68% of business leaders say there’s still a lack of diversity in their workforce.
  • 33% of U.S. nonprofits have less than $1 million in total annual revenue.
  • 92% of executives think workforce education programs should help businesses boost diversity.
  • Over 80% of middle-skill jobs require knowledge of technology.

Addressing Technology Skills Gaps

"Virtually every organization is wrestling with technology skills gaps and workforce diversity," said Adam Rosenzweig, Vice President for Social Impact at Pluralsight and head of Pluralsight One.

"Pluralsight One's mission is to create economic opportunities for individuals from underrepresented communities in technology while helping organizations tackle their skills gaps.

One of the ways we achieve this is by supporting a portfolio of incredible nonprofits delivering world-class workforce development programs."

Beneficiary Organizations — programs empower women and historically excluded communities in technical fields, guide the organizations that employ them, and support the academic institutions training the next generation.

Annie Cannons — AnnieCannons is on a mission to train, prepare, and connect individuals who have experienced sex trafficking to sustainable careers in tech.

Apprenti — Apprenti delivers registered apprenticeship programs to bridge the tech talent and diversity gaps. Apprenti helps employers meet evolving workforce needs and trains future tech workers with an emphasis on underrepresented groups including women, people of color, Veterans, and people with disabilities. 

Empowr Co — Empowr uplifts the black community by creating a school-to-career pipeline. Their comprehensive program teaches students the tech skills they will need on the job while encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit. Upon graduation, each student obtains a job where the average salary is over six figures.

I.C. Stars — I.C. Stars works to activate a technology community of change agents to power social and economic freedom. I.C. Stars works with low-income young adults, providing them with employment opportunities and preparing them for community-based advocacy. 

InternXL — InternXL increases diversity in the tech workforce by connecting students from underrepresented groups to leading STEM employers.  They provide advanced career readiness training to students with soft skill training, technical courses, enrichment resources, and certification courses.

LGBT Tech — LGBT Tech develops programs and resources grounded in empirical research that support LGBTQ+ communities, working to educate organizations and policy makers on the unique needs of LGBTQ+ individuals face when it comes to tech.

Rhiza Babuyile (RB)— A South Africa based organization, RB trains disadvantaged black youth through multidimensional programs that address healthcare, skills development, enterprise development and education.  

Tech-Moms — Tech-Moms focuses on helping women transition into the tech industry by providing technical training, career exploration, and a long-term community of support. Over the past 2 1/2 years, Tech-Moms has trained 300+ women while also creating a more diverse pipeline of talent for hard-to-fill roles in tech.

Unlocked Labs — Unlocked Labs is making tech skills accessible to incarcerated individuals. They run programs to train justice-impacted people in tech skills, run a development shop employing returning citizens and build products to solve challenges within the justice system.

About the Pluralsight One Fund

Pluralsight, established in 2004, aimed to make technology education accessible to everyone, everywhere. To fulfill this vision, Pluralsight One was created, committing to equip enterprises and nonprofits with the people, knowledge, and resources needed to build successful futures.

The Pluralsight One Fund is a corporate advised fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The organization aims to unlock opportunities for the underrepresented by increasing access to technology skill development and promoting diversity in the technology workforce.

By connecting nonprofits with the necessary tools and resources, Pluralsight One fosters an inclusive and diverse technology workforce, driving positive change and progress globally.

About Pluralsight

Pluralsight provides a premier learning platform dedicated to accelerating the technology skills and capabilities of today’s tech workforce.

Thousands of companies, government organizations, and individuals globally rely on Pluralsight Skills for critical technology skill development in areas crucial to innovation, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software development, and machine learning.

Pluralsight Skills offers highly curated content developed by vetted technology experts, industry-leading skill assessments, and hands-on, immersive learning experiences designed to help individuals skill-up faster.

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