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Nodal Power Raises $13 Million in Seed Funding to Establish Renewable Energy Facilities in Landfills

In the realm of renewable energy innovation, Nodal Power is known for its groundbreaking work in developing and operating landfill gas-to-energy power plants.

Nodal Power Raises $13 Million Seed Round

In the realm of renewable energy innovation, Nodal Power is known for its groundbreaking work in developing and operating landfill gas-to-energy power plants.

The company recently announced a successful $13 million seed round. This funding is set to fuel Nodal Power’s mission to aggressively combat methane emissions at landfills, a pivotal step in the fight against climate instability.

About Nodal Power

Nodal Power is a company specializing in the development and operation of renewable energy assets, with a specific focus on the biogas sector.

Their mission is to unlock the potential of underutilized and often overlooked energy resources, thereby contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas that possesses 25 times the heat-trapping capacity of carbon dioxide, has long been a concerning contributor to global warming.

United States Active Landfills

In the United States, thousands of active landfills coexist alongside hundreds of non-active landfills, all contributing to the emission of methane gas—a potent greenhouse gas approximately 84 times more harmful than carbon dioxide (CO2).

These emissions present a significant environmental concern, prompting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce regulations requiring larger landfills to flare methane gas to prevent the release of this destructive gas into the atmosphere.

Landfill Gas - United States

Across the nation, numerous landfills find themselves with underutilized methane resources. This underutilization can result from practices such as flaring or limitations in capacity factors at existing projects.

The mission of the company is to extend the advantages typically associated with larger landfill projects to smaller and midsize landfills, maximizing the potential of these valuable methane resources while minimizing their harmful environmental impact.

The Methane Emissions Challenge

Nodal Power’s cutting-edge technology holds the promise of substantially curbing these emissions, providing a much-needed solution to one of the most impactful environmental challenges we face today.

The company’s approach is both innovative and environmentally conscious. Instead of resorting to the common practices of flaring or venting, Nodal Power’s methodology involves combusting methane gas in a generator.

This not only reduces carbon emissions but also transforms a previously wasted resource into a valuable energy source.

Methane Mitigation Technology

The EPA estimates that landfills account for approximately 14.3% of fugitive methane emissions in the United States.

However, recent data from NASA suggests that this figure may be significantly underestimated, due to outdated measurement techniques.

Given the urgent need to address climate change, any reduction in methane emissions represents a critical step forward in protecting our planet.

Nodal has pioneered and put into action cutting-edge, patent-pending technology and systems for converting landfill gas into energy to fuel data centers. This innovative technology, known as NCR (Nodal’s Landfill Gas-to-Energy Datacenter), serves as the driving force behind our groundbreaking projects.

Nodal Power - landfill gas-to-energy

It not only enables the efficient conversion of landfill gas into energy but also facilitates the optimization of energy sales and the management of datacenter compute loads, marking a significant step forward in sustainable energy solutions.

Nodal Power’s commitment to mitigating methane emissions has already borne fruit, with much of their recent funding being channeled into the construction and operation of two power plants in the United States.

Sustainable Power Plants

The first site, located in the southeast, not only exports electricity generated from landfill gas to the local utility but also boasts a data center.

This strategic combination enables economic dispatch between the utility and the data center, making the operation more efficient and cost-effective.

The second site, situated in the mountainous west, breaks new ground by running a fully sustainable off-grid data center powered entirely by landfill gas.

This pioneering endeavor demonstrates Nodal Power’s dedication to innovation and sustainability.

Looking ahead, Nodal Power has ambitious plans. Additional funds will be deployed in early 2024 for a third site in the United States, further expanding their reach and impact.

All three sites share a common goal: producing renewable electricity from methane gas generated by the natural decomposition of organic waste at landfills.

“We’ve developed solutions, specifically for smaller landfills, that allow us to bring these overlooked resources to market,” he explained. “Our technology and energy-first approach have the potential to make a significant impact on local energy markets.” – Bryan Black, CEO of Nodal Power

This commitment to harnessing the untapped potential of landfill gas not only reduces harmful emissions but also transforms waste into a valuable resource.

As Nodal Power continues to expand and make its mark on the renewable energy landscape, it brings hope for a more sustainable and greener future.

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