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Lecrae Speaks on Community Activism & Impact-Focused Ideas for Movie Night

Artists of all kinds are using their talents to inspire community activism and social change movements.

Lecrae Speaks on Community Activism & Impact-Focused Ideas for Movie Night

This week, we explore community activism, how art influences social change, and some of the leaders of creative movements.

When was the last time you felt deeply moved? Was it when you were listening to a beautiful song? Maybe it was while watching an inspiring film or eating a delicious meal? Art enters our lives via nearly limitless vehicles, and it has the potential to inspire and change us in truly unique ways.

Podcast: Lecrae on Using Music, Writing, Community Activism, and Venture Capital to Inspire Local Communities

Lecrae, a multiple-Grammy-award winner and New York Times best-selling author, has evolved from primarily being an artist into an entrepreneur, speaker, activist, thought leader, and philanthropist. Lecrae now influences millions with his socially conscious message and transcendent sound, positioning himself as a catalyst for restoration in faith, community activism, music, and pop culture.

Movie Night: Stream These 6 Films About Social Impact

Pop some popcorn and settle in. This list of films truly has something for everybody.

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Leading the Way

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What’s Inspiring Us

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Upcoming Events

  • Social Impact Summer Connector | July 29 | Be Social Change’s annual online facilitated networking party, connecting purpose-driven professionals driving impact around the world.
  • SPECTRUM21 Virtual: Color of Money | September 22 | A half-day event on the importance of finance and race with a range of conversations focused on the need to diversify fund managers, a call for more investment in Black and Brown entrepreneurs and closing the wealth gap.
  • Sustainable Brands 2021 | October 18-21 | Taking place in San Diego, SB’21 offers inspiration, resources, and guidance toward unlocking the power of regenerative business.

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