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7 Best Eco Friendly and Sustainable Pet Products

The best ethical and sustainable pet products are those that keep your pet happy and healthy without harming the planet or people. Here are six of our top picks.

Ethical and Sustainable Pet Products

Today, three-quarters of U.S. households own pets, which resulted in more than $100 billion of pet spending in 2020 alone.

Thanks to the ever-growing impact economy, pet parents don’t have to choose between meeting their furry friends’ needs and protecting the planet while staying true to their values.

By selecting sustainable pet products, a hefty chunk of that $100 billion can go toward options that treat people and the planet more gently.

Between snacks, healthcare products, toys, beds, and the occasional trendy clothing item, the opportunities to ethically provide for our pet friends are practically endless.

The ethical and sustainable pet-product industry is picking up steam, providing shoppers the opportunity to care for their pets with products everybody can feel good about. Ethical pet product companies are prioritizing transparency in their business practices.

That means conscious consumers now have the ability to know where their pets’ products are manufactured, how the materials are sourced, and whether the brands they buy from care about their impact on communities and the planet.

Here are some of our favorite eco friendly and sustainable pet products that you and your best friend are sure to love.

Keep Nature Wild – Recycled Climbing Rope Dog Leash

Keep Nature Wild partnered with Flowfold to bring you KNW for your pup!

They’re super excited to introduce the repurposed and recycled Climbing Rope Dog Leash!

Available in 5 bright colors and ready for the wild!

High quality hardware Due to their recycled nature, colors are limited and based on availability Durable and lightweight

Keep Nature Wild products are crazy cozy, super soft, and exceptionally comfy. They design outdoor apparel and accessories to bring a smile to your face, to brighten your day, to enable your next adventure, to spark connection, to build community, and to make our planet a better place.

The products are designed in Arizona and made for the wild. But there’s an extra, earth-friendly impact behind the apparel and accessories. For every apparel product sold we pick up one pound of trash.

Get it from Keep Nature Wild

Froid: The Plush Dog Toy Made in the U.S.A.

Froid plush dog toy - Ethical and Sustainable Pet Products You and Your Furry Friend Will Adore
Image courtesy of West Paw

Soft yet durable, Froid is the kind of plush toy your best friend will chew and cuddle for years to come. He comes in three bright colors, is machine washable, contains a squeaker for endless entertainment, and he was both designed and manufactured in Boseman, Montana. Not your dog’s jam? If Froid and your dog don’t get along, you can return him (Froid, that is) for a refund, no questions asked.

About West Paw: West Paw is a Certified B Corporation focused on being “dog’s best friend.” By manufacturing its products at its own Montana factory, West Paw is able to keep a close eye on the entire production process of each toy. Eco-friendly material choices make West Paw’s products an all-around win.

Happy Customer: “Loki loves Froid! The fuzziness of this toy is fun for Loki to pull and chew, and the best part? The fuzz remains on Froid! I would highly recommend Froid for any pups who like to play tug of war, and who like to chew!”

Get it from West Paw for $22.95

Organic Catnip for Extra-Concentrated Excitement

All natural catnip container - Ethical and Sustainable Pet Products You and Your Furry Friend Will Adore
Image courtesy of Only Natural Pet

Take your cat’s playtime to the next level! This not-your-average catnip shirks tradition. Harvested from a nontoxic plant in the kiwi family, Silver Vine is more concentrated than traditional catnip, and cats who don’t respond to the ordinary stuff are smitten with it. Better still, Silver Vine is natural, organic, and grown and processed in the U.S.

About Only Natural Pet: Only Natural Pet uses human-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients that support full-body wellness for your pet. Committed to transparency and sustainability, Only Natural Pet was the first pet food and treat company in North America to become a Certified B Corporation.

Happy Customer: “Better than catnip! Our cat Snickers was always lukewarm on catnip. He goes for this much better. His neighborhood cat buddies love it too!”

Get it from Only Natural Pet for $7.49

A Pet Hoodie That’s All Heart

Pet hoodie with heart on it that says "found"
Image courtesy of Found My Animal

For the love of pet adoption, this adorable hoodie will have your rescue bestie wearing their heart on their sweatshirt. This and other special finds from the Big Full Heart Collection were designed to bring awareness to the overwhelming need for pet adoption. The embroidery option allows you to customize your pet’s loungewear for extra cuteness.

Bonus: Get matchy with this coordinating sweatshirt for the coolest of humans.

About Found My Animal: Found My Animal is on a mission to spread the word about the importance of pet adopting over shopping. The Certified B Corporation donates a portion of its proceeds to support animal welfare and rescue organizations.

Get it from Found My Animal for $36

This Convertible Pet Bed for Top-Notch Snoozes

Dog lounging in convertible pet bed
Image courtesy of P.L.A.Y.

“Is it a sleeping bag? Is it a mat? Or is it a bolster bed? How about all of the above!” This versatile, dirt-resistant pet bed comes in three sizes, making it ideal for cats or dogs. The textiles used to manufacture this bed are tested for harmful substances, and the plush filling is created from recycled plastic bottles. No restless sleep here!

About P.L.A.Y.: P.L.A.Y. makes top-of-the-line dog beds with sustainable and recycled materials. Its Build-A-Bed and Fill-A-Bed lines allow you to fill and refill your pet’s durable bed indefinitely, increasing the lifespan of the products you buy.

Happy Customer: “The Snuggle Bed size large is a hit with the whole house. It is sitting in our living room, and both our dogs love to lay on it. Our cat also loves it and likes to lay on top and in it. Best of all, it is the most compact and comfortable travel bed/blanket that I have ever found. Big win and high quality.”

Get it from P.L.A.Y for $55

A Durable Turtle Toy With Secret Treat Compartment

Dog chewing on turtle toy
Image courtesy of Cycle Dog

Toys + squeaks + cookies = 💖

This squeaky, sturdy turtle toy has a hollow belly, ideal for hiding treats for your pup to find as she plays. It comes in three sizes, is made from post-consumer recycled material, and floats in water. Get it in pink, blue, or green.

About Cycle Dog: Cycle Dog began by manufacturing dog toys from discarded bicycle tires. Since its founding in 2009, the company has reclaimed hundreds of thousands of bike tubes from landfills. Today, the company also sells beds, leashes, and more.

Get it from Cycle Dog for $10-$15

All-Natural Toothpaste for Dogs that Keeps the Stink Away

Dog sniffing toothbrush and toothpaste
Image courtesy of Best Friend Beauty

Dental hygiene is just as important for your pup as it is for you, for general health as well as breath that won’t scare your friends away. This fancy-pants toothpaste will create a spa-like experience for your best friend; it’s vegan, all-natural, organic, and is available in four flavors. It even comes with a free bamboo toothbrush!

Best Friend Beauty: Best Friend Beauty creates beauty and wellness products for people and dogs that are simple, powerful, and made with organic ingredients.

Happy Customer: “Our dog goes crazy for the vanilla bean flavor. After using it for the last couple months, we knew we wouldn’t be buying anywhere else. Simple ingredients and safe for our baby. I can’t recommend this product enough!”

Get it from Best Friend Beauty for $24.99

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