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Eco Stylist Brand Ratings Make it Easier Than Ever to Dress Like You Give a Damn

Shopping for sustainable clothing has become the new normal. The good? People are giving a damn about the impact they make with their fashion choices. The bad? In turn, shoppers are finding themselves lost in a storm of open browser tabs hosting conflicting information about what’s sustainable in th

New Sustainable Brand Ratings

Shopping for sustainable clothing has become the new normal. The good? People are giving a damn about the impact they make with their fashion choices.

The bad? In turn, shoppers are finding themselves lost in a storm of open browser tabs hosting conflicting information about what’s sustainable in the first place.

We’ve all been there — you feel good after reading one media outlet’s “Top 10 Sustainable Brands” list, only to find yourself, five minutes later, taking a stroll through another news story, blog, or Reddit post with contradicting information.

Eco Stylist, a sustainable fashion marketplace, has set out to fix this problem by condensing your browser tab storm into a digestible starting point.

Their mission is to help you “dress like you give a damn” by cutting through the noise, hand-picking thoroughly researched brands so that men, or anyone searching for men’s clothing, can easily find the most stylish and sustainable options out there.

It’s like a virtual shopping mall, but instead of browsing H&M, Express, and Forever 21, you exclusively shop brands that are investing in a better future. You can shop over 50 sustainable Eco-Stylist brands knowing that everything Eco Stylist promotes is ethically and sustainably made.

The Criteria

How can you be sure? Can sustainability be measured? Eco Stylist’s non-profit partner Remake gets closer than anyone else to that answer. Their robust and transparent criteria for evaluating what makes a brand sustainable is the tool Eco-Stylist uses to certify the brands within their marketplace. If it doesn’t pass Remake’s strict, no-nonsense requirements, you won’t find it for sale at Eco-Stylist.

While Eco Stylist may have not been the first one to offer sustainable brand ratings for fashion, they offer a much needed fresh perspective.

Founder Garik Himebaugh says, “customers have become skeptical about the options they have available. They demand more transparency, and ultimately, a source they can trust.”

You can trust what you find on Eco Stylist. That’s because they know you deserve to be able to determine what’s sustainable for yourself, and believe that should be easy to do.

To make that happen, Eco Stylist has taken Remake’s criteria and presented it on their brand ratings page in clear, transparent language. There you’ll see the evidence of over 50 extensively researched and evaluated brands.

Product Manager, Nancy Sierras Morales says, “we essentially wanted to make the concept of sustainability within the fashion marketplace readily accessible to the masses, and we did so by making Remake’s criteria easier to digest.”

Because the only elements of the research are the criteria and information available to the public, you have the option to exercise agency as a sustainable shopper and assess each brand yourself. Whether you’re looking to simplify your own research or just looking for confirmation of a brand’s sustainability, Eco Stylist is there to help.

Transparency, Fair Labor, and Sustainably Made

You’ll notice Eco-Stylist’s brand ratings page also scores brands in 3 major categories: Transparency​, ​Fair Labor,​ and ​Sustainably Made.

Though each brand passes a high bar in all three areas, the categories are there to emphasize where a brand surpasses their expectations.

Use these categories to shop by elements of sustainability you’re most passionate about, without compromising your values.

Each brand receives up to three leaf icons in each of the three categories to illustrate how well they do. Here’s what the categories stand for:

-Transparency is about shining light on the people and the process of producing what we purchase.

These brands make sure the rights of the people who are making our clothes are protected because when we lose sight of the people who make our clothes, they become invisible and exploited: transparency changes that.

-Fair Labor asks whether the brand pays fair wages and offers access to essential services such as health care and child care.

-Sustainably Made is all about being kinder to the planet through efforts like sourcing eco-friendly materials, launching programs to reduce carbon footprint and water usage, investing in renewable energy, and more.

Certified, Silver, and Gold

Though Eco Stylist showcases the “creme de la creme” of sustainable fashion, they also recognize that even the best brands have room for improvement. That’s exactly why Eco-Stylist has ranked their brands in 3 tiers: Certified, ​Silver,​ and ​Gold.​

These rankings are a way for you to see which Eco Stylist approved brands are leading the conversation on sustainable fashion, and which brands are working towards getting there.

You can browse Eco Stylist by these rankings on their ratings page. And, out in the wild, if you see an Eco Stylist Certified, Silver, or Gold badge on a brand’s site, you’ll know right away that it’s something you can go ahead and add to your cart.

The Way You Shop

Shopping at Eco-Stylist is all about empowering you, the consumer, to shop by your values. Shop mens/womens/unisex brands via the ethical brands page. Shop stylish and sustainable men’s clothes via the curated marketplace.

Or discover new sustainable brands and understand exactly why they are doing well. Both researching brands that stand by your values and shopping for them in a curated marketplace becomes possible when you shop at Eco-Stylist.

Ready to check out the new brand evaluations for yourself? Eco-Stylist invites you to learn why their brands are sustainable, and how they could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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