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Downforce Technologies Raises $4.2M to Transform Soil Carbon Measurement

Downforce Technologies, a global leader in soil organic carbon measurement, has secured $4.2 million in funding led by Equator VC.

Downforce Technologies Raises $4.2M to Transform Soil Carbon Measurement
Photo by Ivan Bandura

Downforce Technologies, a global leader in soil organic carbon measurement, has secured $4.2 million in funding led by Equator VC.

This investment will enable the company to scale its innovative Downforce® technology and further its mission to provide reliable, cost-effective soil organic carbon measurement solutions.

Investment Highlights

Importance of Soil Organic Carbon

According to the UN, achieving global climate, biodiversity, and land degradation goals requires an annual investment of $384 billion in nature-based solutions by 2025. Soil organic carbon measurement is critical for:

  • Enhancing sustainability efforts
  • Providing better visibility and traceability of natural capital stocks
  • Enabling food producers to meet regulatory pressures and global supply chain demands

Downforce Technologies' Solution

Downforce’s technology combines cutting-edge science, modeling, and remote sensing to offer the most reliable and cost-effective soil organic carbon measurement.

Key features include:

  • Historical and Current Assessments: Provides detailed analysis of soil organic carbon on agricultural land.
  • Planning Tools: Assists in planning and executing verified carbon projects and soil health interventions.
  • Emissions Data Integration: Enables net-zero emissions reporting for farms.

Benefits for Users

  • Farmers and Landowners: Track progress towards sustainability goals, unlock new revenue streams, and drive climate action.
  • Corporations: Access critical data for better decision-making and sustainability reporting.

Impact of the New Funding

The $4.2 million investment will fuel Downforce’s international expansion and further product development, making their technology accessible to a wider audience.


  • Professor Jacquie McGlade: "We've built robust technology based on excellent science, a fantastic product, and a growing client base. This funding allows us to democratize access to the technology and empower a wider audience to make data-driven decisions for soil health and climate action."
  • Nijhad Jamal, Managing Partner at Equator: "Downforce has successfully introduced a compelling software platform which should act as a catalyst for increased investment in soil organic carbon globally, and particularly in Africa, to ensure food security, promote climate mitigation, and ensure resilience to climate change."

The Threat of Soil Erosion

Soil erosion not only threatens global food security but also exacerbates climate change by releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

Downforce Technologies aims to combat soil degradation, ensuring a resilient and thriving planet for future generations.

Platform Features

  • Fully Remote: Access high-resolution views of land from anywhere.
  • Scalable Views: Analyze individual farms, large land portfolios, and entire landscapes globally.
  • Historical Analysis: Access over six years of historical data, updated every ten days at a 10m grid resolution.
  • Accuracy: Utilize verified, reliable, science-based data for precise intervention.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Continuous SOC assessment saves significant costs compared to traditional soil testing.
  • Versatility: Measure and report on any land use and crop type in any region.

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