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Career Karma Is One Of The Most Impactful Startups In America

In episode 63 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Ruben Harris, Founder and CEO of Career Karma, on using Software Development Bootcamps to re-skill America and make high paying tech jobs accessible to all individuals and communities. Listen to more Causeartist podcasts here. In my opin

Ruben Harris - Founder of Career Karma

In episode 63 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Ruben Harris, Founder and CEO of Career Karma, on using Software Development Bootcamps to re-skill America and make high paying tech jobs accessible to all individuals and communities.

Listen to more Causeartist podcasts here.

In my opinion Career Karma is one of the most impactful startups in America right now. Ruben and his team have built a community of passionate individuals using software development bootcamps to change their lives through high paying tech jobs.

If Career Career Karma continues to scale they will have created a workforce development engine that has the opportunity to bring millions of Americas out of poverty into the middle and upper class.

This will have amazing economic growth and sustainability for communities that have been traditionally left behind.

Another epic initiative by Ruben and his team is their current Reskill America campaign in partnership with the Kapor Center. Covid – 19 has left over 42 million Americans without jobs over the last few weeks — disproportionately impacting low – income communities, women, and people of color.

About Career Karma

Career Karma is a platform that helps people to find the career that is right for them. The website offers a variety of Software Development Bootcamps resources, including articles, quizzes, and a Career Finder tool.

Career Karma also provides users with access to a community of career experts, who can offer advice and support. The website’s goal is to help people to make informed decisions about their careers, and to ultimately find the career that is best for them.

Career Karma is a valuable resource for anyone who is looking to make a change in their career. With its wealth of information and support, Career Karma can help anyone find the career that they are meant to have.

Tens of thousands of people come to Career Karma everyday seeking to reskill and find new jobs but don’t have laptops to take advantage of learning opportunities online.

The company is partnering with Diversity & Inclusion leaders and organizations to leverage the platform towards raising over $500,000 and giving away thousands of laptops to these communities impacted by Covid-19.

The mission is to enable those who plan on using these laptops to reskill and re-enter the workforce with a strong foundation that will last them a lifetime. With a collective effort, we can help millions of Americans acquire new skills and prepare for the Great Rehiring.

Ruben Harris - Founder of Career Karma

Over the past couple of years, Ruben has worked with academics, organizers, politicians, and union leaders at Hustle, Honor and AltSchool focused on improving their personalized outreach, healthcare and education.

Ruben began his technology career working in Partnerships and Sales after writing a viral blog post called Breaking Into Startups about how moved to San Francisco without a job and landed a position 3 weeks later.

After receiving thousands of e-mails asking how to break into tech, Ruben Co-Founded the Breaking Into Startups Podcast to demystify the process, resulting in a social media reach of ~3 million people, 200,000+ downloads, 10,000+ website visits per month, over 100+ reviews on iTunes, a Facebook Community of 10,000+ people, and invitations to be a Contributor for TechCrunch and Black Enterprise.

Prior to working in tech, Ruben worked as an Investment Banker focused on Food, Consumer, and Retail companies in Chicago and Atlanta.

As a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, he recruited others to focus on issues related to food security, climate change, and agriculture.

Career Karma is a member of Y Combinator’s 2019 class and since then has been helping people that want to become software engineers by matching them with the right coding bootcamp and supporting them throughout their careers.

Hundreds of millions of people will need to change jobs in the coming years. Career Karma gives them a placement quiz and gets them accepted at coding bootcamps and other training programs. With income-sharing agreements growing in popularity, plenty of job skill providers will be willing to pay to enroll the highest potential students.

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