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Brazilian Startup, Umgrauemeio Raises $3.6 Million to Redefine Forest Fire Prevention

Umgrauemeio, a certified B Corporation, recently concluded its first round of fundraising, securing a $3.6 million investment.

Brazilian Startup, Umgrauemeio Raises $3.6 Million to Redefine Forest Fire Prevention
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Umgrauemeio, a certified B Corporation, recently concluded its first round of fundraising, securing a $3.6 million investment. The round saw contributions from Baraúna Investimentos ($1.7 million), Indicator Capital ($1.3 million), and The Yield Lab Latam and Rural Ventures.

This capital infusion comes at a pivotal moment for Umgrauemeio, as the Brazilian ClimateTech continues to lead one of the most ambitious environmental preservation projects globally.

With revenue of $3.6 million in 2023 and an estimated $4.6 million for 2024, umgrauemeio participated in the G20-DIA in India, at the invitation of Itamaraty and won the startup challenge promoted by the Brazil Climate Summit in New York (USA), being invited to COP28 in Dubai.

Armed with state-of-the-art technology and a commitment to sustainability, Umgrauemeio is at the forefront of combating forest fires and reducing CO₂ emissions.

AI and Forest Fires

Central to Umgrauemeio's efforts is the unveiling of Pantera, a revolutionary monitoring platform fueled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Pantera represents a paradigm shift in forest fire management, utilizing high-resolution security cameras mounted on communication towers to swiftly detect fire outbreaks.

With over 17.5 million hectares under surveillance, including 10 million in forests and native areas, and an additional 2.2 million hectares in the Amazon alone, Umgrauemeio's impact on environmental conservation is tangible and far-reaching.

The Embrace the Forest project underscores Umgrauemeio's dedication to preserving the Pantanal biome, a UNESCO Natural Heritage of Humanity and Biosphere Reserve.

This monumental initiative aims to safeguard 2.5 million hectares of native forest while protecting indigenous territories and local communities.

With the Pantanal serving as a crucial carbon store and the largest tropical wetland globally, Umgrauemeio's work is instrumental in the fight against climate change.

"Every fire starts and can be put out by a single foot, and it is the speed of detection that defines its proportion. Therein lies the intelligence of our solution. We do not believe in a healthy economy without well-kept forests. We are looking for partnerships to expand the Embrace the Forest project, with a special focus on the Amazon, aiming to establish financial mechanisms for urgent actions against forest fires and high CO₂ emissions," - Rogerio Cavalcante, founder and CEO of Umgrauemeio

As they continue to push boundaries and pioneer new approaches to forest fire prevention and environmental protection, Umgrauemeio remains steadfast in its pursuit of a sustainable future for generations to come.

Umgrauemeio Solutions for Wildland Fire Management

Risk Assessment

  • Daily email and mobile bulletins
  • Weather forecasts
  • Fuel material analysis
  • Incident history

Instant Detections

  • High-resolution cameras installed on monitoring towers
  • AI algorithm for instant smoke detection
  • Self-sustaining infrastructure: solar panels and radio connection (no need for internet in remote areas)
  • Coverage radius of up to 20km (120,000ha)

Satellite Detections

  • 15+ space satellites providing information
  • Coverage in remote areas
  • Email and mobile alerts
  • Precise location of heat sources

Impact and Sustainability

Umgrauemeio is committed to being accountable to society through its initiatives aimed at transforming the climate reality of the planet:

  • Area under protection: 17.5 million hectares
  • Pantera software operational throughout Brazil:
    • 20 states covered
    • Present in 5 national biomes
    • Over 15,000 fire reports
    • Saved losses totaling 100 million reais
    • Avoided emission of 18 million tons of CO₂

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