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12 Easy Corporate Social Responsibility Tools to Boost Company Impact

The sector of corporate social responsibility continues to grow, and organizations are creating innovative tools that enable you to advance positive change with relative ease.

Ways Your Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Tools

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a type of corporate self-regulation in which a business monitors its own operating according to ethical standards, societal expectations, and legal requirements.

CSR programs are voluntary; however, some organizations have begun to implement these programs in order to improve their image or reputation.

Many companies also believe that CSR programs can help them to create a competitive advantage.

Different types of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

There are a number of different types of CSR programs that businesses can implement. Some common examples include environmental protection, employee volunteering, and charitable giving.

Many companies also have policies in place regarding social and environmental issues.

For instance, some businesses have policies that prohibit the use of child labor, and others have policies that prohibit the use of conflict minerals.

The concept of CSR is fairly new, and the term itself is not yet universally accepted. In some cases, CSR programs are also called sustainability programs or corporate citizenship programs.

Whatever they are called, these programs are designed to promote a company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Benefits With Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

There are a number of benefits associated with implementing CSR programs.

For instance, these programs can help to improve a company’s image and reputation.

Additionally, CSR programs can help to build goodwill between a company and its stakeholders.

Furthermore, CSR programs can also help to create a competitive advantage for a company.

Finally, CSR programs can help to improve a company’s bottom line by reducing its costs and increasing its revenues.

There are also some challenges associated with implementing CSR programs.

For instance, it can be difficult to measure the impact of these programs.

Additionally, some people argue that CSR programs are nothing more than greenwashing.

Despite the challenges, CSR programs can be an important part of a company’s business strategy.

These programs can help to improve a company’s image and reputation, build goodwill between a company and its stakeholders, create a competitive advantage, and improve a company’s bottom line.

As such, CSR programs are likely to continue to gain in popularity in the years to come.

Corporate Social Responsibility Tools

For entrepreneurs and founders just getting their businesses off the ground, searching for ways to make a positive impact on people and the planet can feel daunting. You may often feel like meaningful impact projects are time consuming and impede your ability to focus on your own work.

Luckily, as the sector of corporate social responsibility (CSR) continues to grow, many companies and organizations are creating innovative tools that enable you to advance positive change with relative ease.

Corporate social responsibility is the idea that businesses have a duty to act in the best interests of society as a whole. This can take many forms, from reducing environmental impact to supporting local charities.

Corporate social responsibility programs can be costly and time-consuming to implement, but many businesses believe that the benefits outweigh the costs. For one thing, social responsibility programs can help to improve a company’s public image.

In addition, they can attract and retain customers who are looking for companies that share their values. Corporate social responsibility programs can also create a sense of pride and loyalty among employees.

Ultimately, corporate social responsibility is about more than just doing good; it’s about creating a sustainable business model that benefits everyone involved.

Below is a list of simple tools that any business leader — even those who just launched their business — can use to be a force for good.

Gifts for Good

Fun and Easy Ways Your Business Can Boost Corporate Social Responsibility
Source: Gifts for Good

Gifts for Good is a Los Angeles based start-up bringing employee gifting into the modern age. Gifts for Good aims to integrate social good and giving back with corporate gifting all year-round. Whether gifting for holidays, promotions, or thank yous, Gifts for Good has got it covered from handmade candles, to luxe leather totes, to unique wooden headphones.

All gifts support a wide range of nonprofits and charitable causes including: children-in-need, economic development, the environment, homelessness, health, women-at-risk, and more.

Learn more about Gifts for Good in our interview with CEO Laura Hertz.


noissue’s boxes and mailers are also eco-friendly and are either 100% compostable and recyclable.
Source: noissue

Make your packaging a form of branded advertising with a custom box or mailer. When you personalize exterior packaging, it means there’ll be no mistaking who the awesome package is from when your customer receives it!

noissue’s boxes and mailers are also eco-friendly and are either 100% compostable and recyclable.

Custom noissue shipping/mailer boxes help you create the ultimate unboxing experience. You can design one or two sides, print in a range of colors, and it’s all home-compostable or curb-side recyclable!

Choose between a white or kraft base, with an option for a water-based gloss coating on the white base! Made from FSC-Certified materials and printed with HP Indigo Inks (compostable inks) noissue Boxes are the perfect addition to your sustainable packaging suite!

Percent Pledge

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility - Percent Pledge
Source: Colleen MacDonald

Percent Pledge helps you donate a small percentage of each month’s budget to causes you’re passionate about. The platform will keep you continuously updated on the impact of your pledge throughout the year. Percent Pledge’s corporate social responsibility solution does all the work for you allowing you to easily give back and your team to focus on growing your business.

Charity Charge

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility - Charity Charge
Source: Charity Charge

The Charity Charge Business MasterCard helps empower startups to effortlessly give back everyday. The card allows seamless corporate social responsibility by allowing your business to earn cash back that’s automatically donated to any nonprofit of your company’s choice.

There is no annual fee and the percentage that is automatically donated with every purchase is tax-deductible. You are also allowed unlimited employee cards, so you can get your employees involved as well.


Overflow - Simple Tools Entrepreneurs Can Use to Boost Corporate Social Responsibility

Overflow is the online donation platform that helps charities and nonprofits accept online donations of publicly-trade stock.

Until now, the way we donate stock has been stuck in the 20th century. While most nonprofits deal exclusively with cash donations, today’s donors hold their wealth primarily in stocks, not cash. This fundamental misalignment is making nonprofits miss out on countless donations each year.

Overflow is reinventing modern philanthropy by making it possible to donate stocks directly to the nonprofits and churches solving today’s most pressing issues.

Moving Worlds

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility - Moving Worlds
Source: Moving Worlds

Moving Worlds offers unique corporate social responsibility methods and practices to make your impact as a company more enjoyable and impactful.

Their innovative experiential learning model takes team members on a volunteer journey alongside a cohort of peers, while building and expanding their skills in new environments. Moving Worlds assesses the readiness of your company to then launch, scale, and/or optimize new innovative corporate volunteering programs.

Have Fun Do Good

Boost Corporate Social Responsibility - Have Fun Do Good
Source: Have Fun Do Good

Have Fun Do Good (HFDG) is a for-purpose travel and event company sharing the power of volunteerism through immersive and one of a kind volunteer opportunities.

They offer immersive service experiences through travel excursions and Corporate events. Whether you’re traveling or staying closer to home, HFDG provides everything volunteers need to get involved: planning, access to worthwhile charities and causes, accommodations and, of course, fun.

Stripe Climate

Stripe climate allows you to remove carbon from the atmosphere as you grow your company. With Stripe Climate, companies can direct a portion of their revenue to scale cutting-edge carbon removal technologies.

Carbon removal is critical to combating the climate crisis and keeping our planet habitable for generations to come. That’s why Stripes innovative business model can help impact businesses, like yours, tackle the issue.


Boost Corporate Social Responsibility - Vera
Source: Vera

Vera offers a simple way for startups to offset their plastic footprint through a monthly subscription model. By becoming Vera-Certified, your business can help create new jobs for people who collect ocean-bound plastic.

You’ll not only alleviate poverty, but also help divert plastic from our oceans. The best part about Vera is that everything is transacted through the blockchain, allowing you to track your impact. Vera’s collective already offsets more than 40,000 plastic bottles every month.

Elliot for Water

Elliot for Water is the first social good search engine that empowers its users to help people in need of clean water by allocating its ad revenue to impact projects. For each search, Elliot for Water donates approximately 14 liters of drinking water.

One fifth of the global population has no access to clean water, leading to the death of around six thousand children per day due to water-related diseases. Elliot For Water’s mission is to help bring drinkable water to as many people as possible and to improve their quality of life, while respecting the needs of the local culture and environment.

Learn more about Elliot in our interview with Founder Andrea Demichelis.

RoundUp App

If you are running a consumer product goods company, the RoundUp App allows your customers to round up their purchase and donate the change to a nonprofit organization of your choice.

This strategy has become popular in retail stores, online, and in some company’s own apps. The RoundUp App allows you to track donations to the nonprofit you chose, so you can see just how much of an impact you and your customers are making.


Millie’s mission is to build a home for giving, by connecting people and nonprofits. Match employee donations on a budget. No matter the amount, match programs are an impactful way to build a community and increase retention across your employees.

Millie helps companies create sustainable match programs that actually fit their budget. With the freedom to customize employee and company caps, approved and off-limit nonprofits, and a comprehensive database of nonprofits to choose from, your team is sure to find the perfect match.

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