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Backpack Healthcare Raises $14M to Revolutionize Pediatric Mental Health

Backpack Healthcare (formerly Youme Healthcare), an online pediatric mental healthcare provider, announced today that it has raised a $14 million Series A funding.

Backpack Healthcare Raises $14M to Revolutionize Pediatric Mental Health
Hafeezah Muhammad, Founder & CEO of Backpack Healthcare

In today's society, the importance of pediatric mental health care cannot be overstated. Within this maturing sector, Backpack Healthcare brings much needed innovation and accessibility to the market.

The company recently raised a $14 million Series A funding round.

The round was led by PACE Healthcare Capital and saw contributions from ECMC, Techstars, Collab Capital, Bridge Builders Collaborative, Portland Seed Fund, Hopelab, Rethink Education, Genius Guild, and Unlikely Collaborators.

About Backpack Healthcare

Formerly known as Youme Healthcare, Backpack Healthcare is dedicated to transforming pediatric mental health care through its innovative app and teletherapy services.

The company's mission is to offer accessible, inclusive, and comprehensive mental health support to young individuals.

Under the visionary leadership of Hafeezah Muhammad, Backpack Healthcare is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children and adolescents struggling with mental health challenges.

The Urgent Need for Accessible Solutions

With over 40 million children in the U.S. relying on Medicaid or CHIP for healthcare coverage, the need for accessible mental health solutions has never been more pressing.

Yet, only 14% of mental health clinicians accept Medicaid as insurance, leaving a significant gap in care.

In response, Backpack Healthcare is developing innovative and inclusive solutions with its AI-powered app and teletherapy services to provide indispensable support to all young individuals navigating mental health challenges.

By strategically working with insurance providers that accept Medicaid, Backpack Healthcare bridges the gap between limited providers and those in need.

Innovative Solutions

Backpack Healthcare's AI-powered app utilizes advanced algorithms to monitor user emotions, matching them with specialized therapists for tailored treatment plans.

Through interactive tools and activities, therapy becomes engaging and enjoyable, encouraging active participation.

Additionally, the company offers individual pediatric and family therapy and medication management through telemedicine, along with live parent training sessions on crucial topics such as cyberbullying and substance abuse.

Expansion and Development

The capital raised in the Series A round will fuel Backpack Healthcare's mission to enhance its technology platform and expand its reach to more communities.

With current operations in Maryland and Virginia, the company aims to extend its services to additional states, ensuring that its innovative solutions are accessible to a wider audience.

Furthermore, Backpack Healthcare is committed to ongoing research and development, forging partnerships with healthcare companies, government agencies, and schools to deliver high-quality care to those in need.

Board of Advisors

In another recent development, Robert Johnson, ESQ, Chief Equity Officer at Bezos Academy, is joining Backpack Healthcare's Board of Advisors.

With a wealth of experience in economic inclusion and corporate leadership, Johnson's guidance will be instrumental in steering Backpack Healthcare's initiatives towards greater inclusivity and equity.

In Summary

With its innovative solutions and commitment to accessibility, the company is poised to make a profound impact on the lives of children and adolescents across the nation.

Under the leadership of Hafeezah Muhammad and the guidance of experienced advisors like Robert Johnson, Backpack Healthcare is set to lead the charge in addressing the urgent need for accessible and comprehensive mental health support for young individuals.

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