Causeartist Presents: The Epic Social Impact Holiday Gift Guide (2017)

Here at Causeartist, we want to motivate you to keep those values in mind, and make it as accessible as possible.




Getting through the holiday season can be a real challenge for the conscious consumer. For the average shopper, any item will do for their mother, father-in-law and aunt Jackie, but for the conscious consumer, their ethical values need to be represented in every gift given.


Here at Causeartist, we want to motivate you to keep those values in mind, and make it as accessible as possible. The holiday season is the perfect time of year to spread awareness, advocate for conscious consumerism and spread the joy of fair trade, empowering, organic, upcycled and artisanal goods through the spirit of gifting. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide, featuring ethical brands from across North America and the world. Shop the social impact holiday gift guide below and enter the new year knowing how much you’ve positively impacted everyone in your life and those behind the production line of each item gifted.



Sword & Plough – Accessories


Sword & Plough empowers veteran employment by working with companies and non-profit organizations that employ veterans as sewers and manufacturers, and they ask partners to scale with them by hiring veterans to meet the growing demand for S&P products. The company recycles thousands of pounds of military surplus that would otherwise be burned or buried. Because the bags are made from repurposed military gear, they are also water, fire and UV resistant! Their goal is to emotionally and physically touch civilians in their everyday lives. They aim to remind them, in a beautiful way, of the challenges our country and veterans face, and the power that every person has to help.



Miscoots – Apparel


Miscoots is a lifestyle clothing brand with an incredible 1 for 1 model providing a high quality, warm clothing item to the homeless for every purchase made. Miscoots focuses on economic empowerment by employing the homeless to fulfill orders at their homebase in Austin, Texas.



Solo Eyewear – Sunglasses

Dominican – $89


SOLO Eyewear creates environmentally friendly sunglasses that fund eye care, encourage adventure, and inspire individuals to change the world. Each pair of SOLOs purchased funds eye care for people in need through prescription eyeglasses and sight saving eye surgeries. They have already restored vision to 10,000 people in 32 countries, which has resulted in an economic impact of $3.6 million dollars.!!!!! They are able to create this amazing impact through their trusted non-profit partners Restoring Vision, Aravind Eye Care System, and LV Prasad Eye Institute.



Indosole – Shoes

Indosole Sandals – Granite – $35

Indosole takes old tires that would otherwise contribute to Indonesia’s massive landfill problem, and transforms them into beautiful sandals and shoes through a production process that is organic, toxic free, and environmentally sustainable. Not only that – the process provides dignified work to many in Indonesia.



Parker Clay – Accessories

Miramar Leather Backpack – $178

Parker Clay is an ethical handbag and accessory brand, delivering handcrafted and fairly made products from Ethiopia to the global market. Each and every material used is sustainably sourced in Addis Ababa, from vegetable-based dyes to traditional tanneries with modern environmental innovations. Parker Clay is the perfect conscious option for leather lovers this holiday season.



The Hounds – Men’s shirts

The Uniform Oxford $57

The Hounds is a Chicago based men’s shirt company crafting classic men’s oxford shirts, tees and long sleeve shirts. For every shirt purchased, a school uniform is provided to an underserved youth in the west side of Chicago. The purchase of a school uniform can be a huge financial burden for many children. By purchasing a shirt from The Hounds, you are empowering a youth to gain the education they deserve and help them break out of the cycle of poverty.



MADI Apparel


Meet MADI Apparel, for every pair of underwear they sell, they donate a pair to a woman in need. Why? Because underwear is the most needed, under-donated item of clothing. MADI Apparel is a women’s undergarment brand with the dedication to Make a Difference domestically and globally. MADI was founded upon the principles of American manufacturing, self-sustaining fabrics/packaging and global impact through underwear donations.



Lubanzi – Wine


Calling all wine drinkers, and those with wine lovers in the family! Lubanzi Wines offers us a fair trade wine hailing from South Africa. Working with local winemakers and growers, Lubanzi is empowering local entrepreneurs while giving 50% of all proceeds to the Pebbles Project. The NGO works with low-income families who live and work on South African wine farms providing access to health and high quality education.



SixChel – Women’s Apparel

The Elizabeth Dress – $225

SixChel is a Austin-based, modern fashion brand for women. Their feminine and chic style, matched with their values in sustainable materials and production, makes for a great gift for the fashionistas this holiday season.



DIVONA – Perfume

DIVONA – SIREN – 30ml – $45


DIVONA is a new cruelty, phthalate and paraben-free social impact perfume giving back to women who have suffered due to human trafficking, domestic abuse, and poverty. DIVONA is all about customization, allowing you to empower a woman in need as well as a woman in your life through a personalized perfume.  A great gift for the scent loving femme.





MATEO – Beige – $160

COMUNITY is a new shoe brand creating socially conscious sneakers, looking to innovate the industry. Each pair of shoes purchased allows COMUNITY to donate $10 USD from every sale to a curated group of non-profit organizations in downtown Los Angeles with the intention of empowering its members to be happy and successful contributors to the community.



SAYA Designs – Accessories

S A Y A – THE TARO – $48


S A Y A Designs is a social enterprise creating ethical hairpins from roots salvaged from old plantations. Each hairpin is inspired by nature and handmade by Balinese artisans. Using root wood salvaged from old plantations, each hairpin completes an amazing cycle, as every purchase plants up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests in Indonesia.



Milo & Nicki – Clothing

the it’s a party holiday dress – $169.00

milo+nicki is a cruelty-free, ethically designed womenswear line that empowers the ever-evolving woman to conquer her fears, take a leap of faith, and live a life of color.  All pieces are hand loomed in India, made of handwoven certified Ahimsa silk and GOTS certified organic cotton blend, and made to order, helping create less waste. And as if it couldn’t get better, or more adorable, the beautiful human AND animal friendly Paws for Change scarf, one of six pieces from their first collection, donates 5% of sales to Austin Pets Alive.



Sol Organics – Bedding

Organic Cotton Bedding Bundle – $169


Sol Organics is cutting out the middleman and going direct to the consumer while keeping a 100% sustainable product. Sol Organics makes luxury fairtrade, GOTS certified, organic luxury sheets at half the price of standard luxury sheets. Coupled with a built in donation at checkout, every sheet you buy, Sol Organic donates to one of their charitable partners, giving you the choice of where the impact goes!



Azura Bay – Women’s Marketplace

Underprotection Floral Lana Lyocell Bra $89


Azura Bay is an online boutique that offers women a way to shop for stylish lingerie, swim, and loungewear by their values. All products and brands are selected based on their ethical production, local options, artisan & handmade production, Fair Trade and eco-friendly fabrics and production processes.



Nisolo – Shoes

Calano Oxford – $188

Nisolo is an ethical, handcrafted leather shoe, boot and accessory company working with artisans in Kenya and Peru. All factory workers are fairly paid and treated, receive benefits and given a healthy working environment for their daily tasks. For the shoe lover, this is hands down a great gifting option filled with social goodness.



Wize monkey – Coffee Tea Leaves

Jasmine with Coffee Leaf Tea – $12.99

wizemonkey_sustainable coffee tea leaf

Wize Monkey offers a variety of direct trade coffee leaf teas, a tradition in Ethiopia and Sumatra for over 200 years. Coffee leaf teas allow coffee farmers to make an income all year long, especially outside of the bean harvesting season. Sourced in Nicaragua and packed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Wize Monkey offers a unique, economically empowering and alternative option for tea and coffee lovers across North America.



Free Liberti – Jewelry

1 Classic Cuff – $40

Liberti jewelry are made in the USA, from ideation to production, and feature conflict-free diamonds. Proceeds from each purchase go towards supporting refugees worldwide who have escaped camps abroad.



Oliberte – Shoes

TANZINI Camel Pullup – $75

Oliberte is a sustainable brand supporting workers’ rights in sub-Saharan Africa. Oliberte believes in empowerment, transparency, and doing the right thing within its business model. This means making premium quality shoes with a lifetime warranty, and treating every employee, everywhere in the world, with respect.



VIRTU – Mens Wear

The Perfect Shirt – Button Up – $69

VIRTU is delivering crisp, timeless men’s 100% natural cotton dress shirts produced under ethical conditions in the Dominican Republic. 50% of profits go straight to the community for long-term development and training projects.



The Anchal Project – Home Decor


The Anchal Project started out as a small group of students passionate about designing change for oppressed women. The project now impacts the lives of over 150 sex workers in India. By providing alternative careers in textiles, The Anchal Project helps women rediscover their self-worth, potential and creativity.



LSTN Sound Co. – Headphone and Speakers


LSTN headphones are the perfect gift for music lovers. Proceeds from every LSTN product are donated to their charitable partner, Starkey Hearing Foundation, to help with providing hearing aids to people in need worldwide.



Chic Made Consciously – Accessories

FLOWER TATTOO – DROPLETS Regular price $58.00

Chic Made Consciously is a Toronto-based brand bringing fair trade, handcrafted accessories from Bali, Indonesia made entirely from disposed inner tire tubes. Their unique and edgy designs make for great gift for your yogis, festival goers and artisan loving friends.



Cambio Market – Accessories


Cambio Market is a collection of responsible goods empowering artisans and entrepreneurs in the Philippines. Their fair trade jewelry, handbags and accessories are all designed and handcrafted in the Philippines empowering marginalized communities, from providing opportunity to survivors of sex trafficking to Indigenous weaving communities.



Tenfed – Clothing



Tenfed’s incredible soft and fairly made collection of t-shirts, sweaters and hats feed ten hungry children in North America with every purchase, hence “tenfed”. Their stylish and adorable collection of toques are the perfect gift for those in snowy settings.



Eone – Watches

Bradley Classic $325

Eone watches represent beauty, equality and sustainability for everyone. Designed to be accessible, Eone watches assist all with telling the time, regardless of vision impairment. Each purchase of their unique, Bradley x KBT timepiece donates a portion of profits’ to help blind children in East Africa read, write, and learn by either repairing a brailler device or providing a year’s worth of braille paper. Alongside their charitable partner, Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, Eone is helping KBT towards their vision of increasing access to education for blind children in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, and Ethiopia.



Say It With A Sock – Socks

Sock subscriptions starting from $11.99 a month

Donating 15,000 pairs of socks throughout the holiday season to nonprofit Lava Mae, which transforms retired city buses into mobile shower units to serve people experiencing homelessness. 100% of all proceeds on Giving Tuesday will be donated to Lava Mae



Bao Lyfe – Accessories


Bao Lyfe creates accessories and shoes made from 100% natural and recycled materials. Employing Kenyan artisans and utilizing ethical materials, Bao Lyfe is a sustainable lifestyle brand bringing fabulous Kenyan design to Canada and worldwide.



Kind Karma Co. – Jewelry


Employing at-risk and homeless youth to learn and handcraft unique jewelry purposes, Kind Karma Co. stands for jewelry with a purpose. Shipping from Toronto, Ontario, Kind Karma Co. is empowering youth to reach for bright futures regardless of socioeconomic background.



Just One – Jewelry

Brown Chevron Necklace $45

Just One is a fair trade jewelry brand supporting those struggling with poverty in Uganda. Every piece is crafted by someone in need using unique materials, from recycled paper to recycled bone.



Zen Nomad – Clothing


Zen Nomad is a luxury lifestyle and yoga clothing brand creating unique pieces for men and women. All pieces are crafted with sustainably sourced materials and low impact dyes in Toronto, Canada.



Ungalli – Clothing


Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Canadian clothing brand based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario designed and produced of 100% sustainable materials. At Ungalli they are fiercely determined to change the way people think about their clothing. They want people to realize the negative impact the clothing industry has on the planet, and are dedicated to finding people who believe its time for change. The mission is to encourage and empower you to make better clothing choices that can collectively lead to large-scale change.



Little Difference – Holiday Cards & Notebooks



Meet Little Difference, the UK-based start-up bringing you hand drawn greeting cards and paper products made from 100% recycled paper. Each unique card purchased plants one tree in rural Madagascar in partnership with their charitable partner, Eden Reforestation Project.



W.r.yuma – Sunglasses

cephei sunglasses – $74

Introducing w.r.yuma, an Antwerp-based startup making fashionable sunglasses using 3D printing technology and locally recycled plastic waste. Their aim is make “the circular economy the new cool”.



Ananda Soul – Jewelry


Ananda Soul is a ethical jewelry and clothing brand from Ubud, Bali. Their bohemian, yogi inspired designs are sustainably assembled and shipped worldwide.



PCP Clothing – Leggings and Apparel

Genesis – Om Leggings – $42

Ethical Clothing_pcp_clothing

PCP Clothing is a fair trade legging, swimwear and jacket brand economically empowering the people of Thessaloniki, Greece. Hand sewn with recycled fibres, PCP Clothing brings that POP of colour every girl needs when they’re stuck in the 80s!



Kipato Unbranded – Jewelry

Jani Earrings $15.00

Kipato Unbranded is an ethical jewelry brand from Kibera, Kenya providing a global platform for artisans. 50% of all jewelry profits are given directly to the artisans, helping economically empower them and inspire them to continue their craft.




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A media platform driven by socially conscious consumers, writers, and brands changing the world through Social Impact and Social Enterprise.

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