The Sustainable Development of India: A Travelers Perspective with Eileen McDougall of the Nomadic Numerist


In episode 15, I finally deliver on an episode that takes a spin–I’m diving into the perspective and opinion of travelers in India with travel blogger and dear friend Eileen McDougall.

After a decade working in London, Eileen swapped flashy buildings for a notepad and camera and set off to Asia. She fell in love with India, and it was here she started writing about her travels and the culture she was becoming immersed in. She is at her happiest on a bus alone heading off to somewhere new, but seems to spend most of her time near mountains, mainly the Himalayas. 

In this episode, we dive into the advantages of slow travel, the diversity (and extremes) of India as a whole, and the positive and negative impacts of the tourism industry on the country’s development from an economic, cultural, social, and environmental lens. 

This is quite an intense episode, especially if you are thinking of working in the start-up or nonprofit world in India. To help you navigate your journey, we also cover the challenges around westerners and long-term “stayers” investing in local communities, a lack of women in the tourism industry and in public spaces, cross-cultural relationships and marriage, and how government bodies and leaders can take a stand on social justice in India. 

“It’s very hard to know and understand what a culture is like until you’ve been in it for 5 to 10 years.”

Connect with Eileen at or on Instagram @nomadicnumerist.

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