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Tribes for GOOD is Revolutionizing Voluntourism Through Social Impact Journeys

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In episode 4 of the Impact India podcast, I sit with Mandeep Jhajj at Bootstart in Fort, Mumbai to talk about how her social enterprise, Tribes for GOOD, is changing the way we see voluntourism. 

Tribes for GOOD is an impact travel organization that bridges the talent gap faced by social change organizations in India by connecting them to an international talent pool of students, millennials and early retirees. Mandeep dives into how her Social Impact Journeys are impacting founders and beneficiaries of social impact organizations across Maharashtra and beyond.

Tune in to learn:

  • How you can make an impact using your unique skills without leaving your home
  • The ethical approach to volunteering abroad
  • How Mandeep is transforming Tribes for GOOD into a tech platform

“India is so complex, I can’t even explain it in two sentences. There are many India’s in India.”

Mandeep Jhajj

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