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Celebrating the Marriage of Sustainability and Design with Socially Conscious Fashion

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In episode 10 of the Impact India podcast, I connect with Ramona Saboo, founder of Forty Red Bangles, a socially conscious fashion brand that celebrates the marriage of sustainability and design.

The brand offers beautifully designed lifestyle products that find their roots in traditional organic sources. All designs are created in-house, each with a unique story to tell, handmade with eco-friendly materials. They also collaborate and outsource elements of production to artisan groups to produce one-of-a-kind designs. The initiative enables undiscovered talent to reach new markets while supporting sustainable community development.

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Ramona comes from a background of building social enterprises and working with refugee groups in Melbourne, which inspired her to start her own business with a focus on community development and sustainable practices. 

Tune in to learn:

  • How continually innovate your processes to build success as a social brand
  • How to engage locals and build brand visibility 
  • The impact tourism has on social brands and community development

Connect with Ramona and her team at or on Instagram.

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