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Podcast With Rising Music Star Mackenzie Nicole on Mental Illness and the Power of Music

Podcast With Rising Music Star Mackenzie Nicole on Mental Illness and the Power of Music


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In Episode 8 of the Disruptors for Good podcast I speak with Mackenzie Nicole, the classically trained singer, song writer, and musician who speaks candidly about her personal issues with mental health and the power of music and creativity. Mackenzie is the daughter of a disruptor herself, Travis O’Guin. Travis is the CEO and Co-founder, along with superstar rapper Tech N9ne of the independent record label Strange Music.

Learn more about Travis, Strange Music and their journey in selling millions of records and creating the industry gold standard of music touring.

Now 19 years-old, Mackenzie’s fist ever song at 9 years-old was with Tech N9ne and Three Six Mafia, and as she says in the podcast “so I always knew my path would be different than any other pop-singer ever”.

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Usually on the podcast we cover founders and CEO’s disrupting certain business sectors, but I thought this was an important opportunity to chat with someone trying to disrupt an industry that for far to long has been stacked with manufactured artist and pop singers.

It was also a great opportunity to talk about mental illness and how her generation deals with the pressures of social media. Its also a powerful conversation about how music and the process can be a great healer for mental health and wellness and how finding YOUR purpose is one of the most healthy things we can do in life.

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