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Pivoting operations post lockdown to empower vulnerable mothers in Sri Lanka

Pivoting operations post lockdown to empower vulnerable mothers in Sri Lanka

Pivoting operations post lockdown to empower vulnerable mothers in Sri Lanka

The impacts of the pandemic on small social enterprises that vulnerable communities rely on for income has been devastating. If we’ve learned anything during COVID-19 it’s that we need to invest, and provide more resources, to organizations doing the grassroots work to empower vulnerable communities, including women, so we can tackle issues such as poverty and gender-based violence.

In 2018, I came across an incredible social enterprise in Sri Lanka called AMMA, and have been following their journey ever since. AMMA trains and employs mothers living in the Sri Lankan highlands to turn food waste and plants into natural dyes to craft ethically and sustainably made textiles and products. 

“Amma” meaning mother in Tamil and Sinhala, the two language spoken in Sri Lanka, works to dismantle the impacts of fast fashion and provide flexible, fairly paid employment within an area that commonly sees women moving to the Middle East for work, leaving both themselves and their children vulnerable to abuse. 

Listen to AMMA founder, Josie Mackenzie on the Impact India podcast.

As lockdowns in Sri Lanka ease, the social enterprise has created a system to bring their workshop to the world.

Starting July, every month AMMA will be releasing a capsule collection focused on two to three natural colours that are seasonal and readily available. For the month of July, it’s all about avocado stones, nelli fruit, and indigo, and brings the introduction of their newest product collection including a line up with three accessory pieces.

Staying true to their passion for slowing down the fashion production line, they are only making 20 items of each product and colourway that will only be available to purchase for 2 weeks.

Browse their collection now at and support mothers in Sri Lanka who provide for their families, while combating the fast fashion industry through slow and environmental friendly fashion.

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