Introducing The Good Cards, An Interactive Gaming App Helping Keep The Pay It Forward Movement Alive

With The Good Cards, the real aim is to unite current Dreamers, awaken dormant Dreamers and inspire non-dreamers to find their faith in humanity and become Dreamers too. This is all made possible through the simplest of processes.


Here’s how it works:


By ordering your card online, a biodegradable one of course, you automatically enter the game. After receiving your card, you scan the QR code to the app and choose to complete a social impact challenge set forth by The Good Cards or invent your own. Once you’ve completed the challenge, you pass on your card to the recipient of your good deed or play the game of anonymous delivery.



After you’ve passed on your card, you can use the app to track how far your good deed travels, and share your story with others to empower community members to do the same.


Ready to get started? Order your card by clicking here!


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Written by Jazzmine Raine

Content | Change Maker | Creative

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