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DC Brand Consultancy Holds $15k Branding Giveaway Exclusively for Social Enterprises


3 Impact Businesses will be Selected to Receive their Choice of Professional Branding Service.


Enter the Social Enterprise Branding Giveaway here.


Thinkory, a team of Washington, DC brand consultants working exclusively with impact businesses, is holding a Social Enterprise Branding Giveaway. The giveaway is open now and will run until February 15, 2017. Thinkory will gift one branding service worth $5,000 to three social enterprises. Participants can enter the giveaway by completing a 5-minute, no-commitment survey online.


It’s our way of saying thanks for helping us understand how to serve impact businesses better.


“We’re amazed by the potential social enterprise consumer brands have to affect real change in the lives of real people,” said Alicia Vaz, Thinkory’s co-founder and brand strategist. “This quick survey and giveaway is a step we’re taking toward a future where profit-for-impact brands are more accessible, compelling and tribal than their profit-for-profit competitors.”


Enter the Social Enterprise Branding Giveaway here.


Most of the survey questions are multiple choice making completion swift and easy. Thinkory also designed the survey using Typeform so stepping through the questions is a delightful experience whether on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Professional Branding Choices


Toward the end of the survey, participants are asked to choose the professional branding service they’d like to receive if selected. Choices are:


•  Brand Strategy (e.g. positioning, messaging, etc.)
•  Brand Identity Design (e.g. logo, visual system, etc.)
•  Brand Naming (e.g. company name, product name, etc.)


Selected social enterprises will be notified and announced first quarter 2017.


About Thinkory


The only DC design and brand consultants working exclusively with social enterprises, Thinkory crafts and cultivates challenger brands of social good that elevate consumer preferences and transform lives. Their stated purpose is to illuminate socially good work with strategically good design to make hope visible in the world. Learn more about the brand consultancy at, or enter the Social Enterprise Branding Giveaway here.


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