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Becoming an Active Supporter to Sustainable Fashion With the Founder of Fairtrunk

Becoming an Active Supporter to Sustainable Fashion With the Founder of Fairtrunk

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In episode 5 of the Impact India podcast, I connect with Darshana Gajare of FairTrunk, a platform promoting conscious brands, driving community awareness & engagement, and consulting for emerging sustainable businesses within fashion and lifestyle. Darshana also leads Communications for Fashion Revolution India, a global movement that demands greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

Darshana believes that sustainability is truly rooted in how our ancestors lived, it’s just about looking back and replicating it. In this episode, Darshana dives into how a documentary inspired her to start her venture, how she went from living on Primark while studying in London to owning only a few key swapped clothing items, and her work with Lakme Fashion Week through Fashion Revolution.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why Darshana thinks India has become “a slave to the west” 
  • Resources available through Fairtrunk as an emerging fashion brand wanting to incorporate sustainable practices
  • How to start living a more conscious and minimalist lifestyle (and why you should!)

Connect with Darshana at, on Instagram or on their Youtube channel sharing sustainable fashion education and interviews with leaders for sustainable living.

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