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Allkiind Is A Social Enterprise That Makes Lifestyle Products For The New Everyday Culture

Allkiind Is A Social Enterprise That Makes Lifestyle Products For The New Everyday Culture




Allkiind exists to challenge and celebrate. We’re in it for good.

That’s great, but what does that mean? What does Allkiind do?

The simple answer: Allkiind is a social enterprise that makes lifestyle products, speaks boldly into people and everyday culture, and financially supports a variety of causes and non-profits. All for the common good. We ourselves are a for-profit business motivated by a sincere desire to do something beautiful and worthwhile. In a nutshell thats who we are.


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How We Make

It’s important to us that our products are ethically and responsibly made. For us, that means making as much as we can personally and locally, where we can see things up close, and holding out for WRAP certification abroad. It also means being intentional about our environmental impact, from using recycled packaging to our own giant, blue recycle bin at HQ.

As for the goods, we only makes, sells, and ships items we’re proud of, products we’d buy and use ourselves. We truly believe in doing good, and we want Allkiind to have maximum social impact. We also want our customers to love their items and visit again. Ensuring high quality is a professional responsibility and a great idea all the way around. It’s a no-brainer.




Speak Boldly

Through its messaging, we aspire to positively challenge ourselves, others, the status quo, and injustice. We want to be bold and build. And we’ll eagerly celebrate the good stuff in life: beauty, people, causes, victories — there’s so much! At Allkiind, celebration means a blend of earnest inspirational quotes, renegade joie de vivre, and stories from the battlefront.

FYI: Allkiind messaging consists of the phrasing on our products, our branded collateral (website, emails), our interaction on Allkiind social media, and our blog. Altogether, we see these channels as an opportunity to inspire individuals and influence culture. Depending on our size and reach (both growing daily), that’s countless impressions for good each day.




Community Giving

We are committed to making a tangible impact in the world. It’s about rolling up our sleeves and really diving in it (for good).


So, off the top, Allkiind donates 10% of its revenue to charitable causes and non-profits. There’s no fuzzy math: If a customer buys a $10 item, Allkiind donates $1. When someone spends $100, we donate $10. It really adds up!


We select causes and non-profits based on our team’s research and suggestions from our community. Generally, to maximize impact and minimize transaction fees, we issue donations on a monthly basis. To be transparent, we post those stories on our blog. It’s part of that whole celebration thing.

In the world, there are millions of ways to do good. These are Allkiind’s.



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