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3 Quick Questions With Social Entrepreneur Antoinette Rodney-Celestine, Founder of The Word Changes

3 Quick Questions With Social Entrepreneur Antoinette Rodney-Celestine, Founder of The Word Changes


The Word Changes is a Boston-based apparel and accessory line making huge waves with their brand, using only one word to inspire and motivate their buyers. Whether it’s God, Love, Peace, or Fearless, the powerful meaning behind each word has been creating some serious impact on the lives of those wearing the shirts, and the young adults of America that two thirds of the proceeds go towards to help with education needs and fighting poverty.

1: When someone asks you what your company is, how do you explain it to them? 


The word changes is the fashion brand that motivates.  We seek to make an impact on humanity through words, fashion and giving. 2/3 of our profits fight child hunger and encourage higher education. We want to change lives oneWORD at a time!  


2: What has been the most exciting thing about starting your social enterprise?


Motivating and inspiring people to make a change in their lives.  Hearing that something I posted has impacted someones life in a positive way is amazing because it demonstrates that the word changes is doing what I set out to do.  The connections I have made have also been so exciting.  Through these connections I have worked to create a pocketbook and a hit music single.


3: What is the greatest struggle you face running a social enterprise? 


Although not specific to a social enterprise, increasing brand awareness is my greatest struggle!


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