Life Equals, A Social Enterprise Nutrition Company, Just Raised $780k From Investors

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Life Equals, a social enterprise based in Kansas City, MO just raised $780k from Mid-America Angels and Scott Henderson, the former eight-year president and COO of 5-Hour Energy. The company plans to open a 3,700-square-foot event space in Kansas City that will help hire more employees and space for merchandising.


“A lot of diets are built around what you have to stop, for example, you have to stop eating Oreos,” FitzGerald said. “But, our philosophy is to add in the good and contribute to the work you’re already doing and as you add more good stuff in, it’ll push the bad stuff out.” – Kyle FitzGerald, CEO



The company has built its success by focusing on daily nutrition for individuals to help change the mindset for health and nutrition. The part that the company rarely speaks about is its impact it as been producing since the company launched in 2012. For every monthly subscriber to Life Equals products the company provides one month of essential children’s multivitamins to a malnourished child in need via their partner Vitamin Angels. To date the company has provided over a half million vitamins to children around the world,


“We think half-truths are bullshit. We want every relationship we have to be fully transparent and we work every day on living an authentic life. There is no room in our lives for things that do not ring true.”


With the new infusion of capital the social enterprise looks to expand to more cities and retail stores across the country. The company released their first superfood shot product “Balance” in September 2016, and is looking to expand its reach across the Rocky Mountain region via its relationship with Whole Foods, while maintaining its presence at 34 locations in Kansas City.


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