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OneYoungTraveler LLC would like to bring a different perspective to “travel” by serving a purpose on their trips. They believe that, more than anything else, traveling with purpose has the remarkable power to transform individuals, open minds and create lasting connections. That means our communities are not embracing the unique growth opportunities beyond our front doors. Transformative learning is what shapes a person’s judgment and opinion. This type of learning is only found through experiences and creates a huge impact or “paradigm shift” in a person’s life.


It’s fun to see the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal, but they want minority travelers to be exposed to a more authentic experience by being culturally immersed. Not only is it rewarding to visit new countries, but being able to learn from cultural differences and give back to society will help increase a new depth of knowledge. Their Cultural + Community Outreach (CCO) Program is created for minorities between the ages of 20-35 (including all underrepresented ethnicities) to increase global awareness and social good efforts.


The Cultural + Community Outreach (CCO) Program


The program is designed to encourage transformative learning and expand global awareness by bringing minority travelers on a meaningful mission. Their CCO Program is an international and/or domestic trip that includes a volunteer project and a cultural immersion experience. The program will cover some or all of the following components:


– Learn about the local people, culture, and food

– Volunteer within the community and make an impact

– Participate in local activities and tours

– Explore historic sites in different states and/or countries

– Build new and lasting relationships with your travel partners


Their 2017 Volunteer efforts will be located in the Atlas Mountains, 1.5hr away from Marrakesh, Morocco. The Agriculture Project is designed for those volunteers who enjoy the physical parts of volunteering and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. The focus of this project is to assist farmers in the rural villages of the Amazigh (Berber) community, in order to improve their farming outcome. The work involves feeding animals, managing offspring, milking, ploughing, seeding, weeding, and harvesting, and are encouraged to teach Basic English to the farmers they are placed with.



Why Minorities?


They advocate minorities to explore the world because not enough underrepresented youth are provided the same opportunities and support. Only 2.9% of all U.S. students enrolled at institutions of higher education in the United States have studied abroad during the 2014-2015 academic year, leaving minorities at an even smaller rate that is almost non-existent. The lack of resources and funds are limiting minority students from receiving a global education and they believe their programs will help foster the importance of international and cultural exposure.


The latest U.S. Study Abroad trend report as of 2014-15, NAFSA* published:


– 72.9% of students who studied abroad were Caucasian

– Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (8.1%), Hispanic (8.8%), Black/African-American (5.6%), Multiracial (4.1%), and American Indian or Alaskan Native (0.5%) students made up the rest of that amount




For more information on OneYoungTraveler and the program, you may visit

*NAFSA: Association of International Educators


To share the experience of culture to our young generation through exploration, perspective and education.

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To share the experience of culture to our young generation through exploration, perspective and education.

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