MaximusLife Is A New App That Connects Your Daily Activities Directly To A Good Cause



Are you walking, sleeping or going to the gym today? MaximusLife is on a mission to connect all your daily activities directly to a good cause in a social and rewarding way. Steps = donations.


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Live great and good things happen. We’ve re-defined how we all set goals for life and engage and support good causes all around us. Charities are connected to the platform with an interactive app that lets the user connect daily activity in a fun and rewarding way. Currently, band “for KING & COUNTRY” has joined with A21 ( to raise awareness for human trafficking. Users have already shared amazing stories on the app, i.e. buying coffee for the stranger behind them, donating their time to volunteer, helping out a friend in need, buying gifts for family…




The grand prize winner will get VIP access and be flown out to see the band in concert. Past challenge grand prizes included Kellen Lutz with the winner flying out to meet him in Los Angeles for coffee. Other challenges allowed our grand prize winner to talk with surf legend Bethany Hamilton via her charity “Friends of Bethany Hamilton”.


Founded in 2014, MaximusLife went global after launching pre-sales on Indiegogo. The platform is the first mobile charity platform of its kind, crossing lifestyle, fitness and productivity categories with connections to modern ways of giving back. The platform challenges users to create big impact in small ways through weekly and monthly challenges. MaximusLife was recognized in fall 2014 as a leader in “Technology for People” at Techmanity, and in 2015 by Europe’s largest lifestyle technology and environment award Greentec Awards. MaximusLife now also syncs directly with company wellness programs to get employees living active lifestyles to benefit newfound sustainability goals in business.



The app syncs directly with step trackers like Fitbit, Misfit, and smart watches. A download is available for both iOS and Android. The user can choose from 100+ activities involving fitness and challenges that earn you points, rewards, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences while raising awareness for causes.


1. Start with a 7 day challenge and help your favorite charity.

2. Download the app and begin the challenge, tracked steps = donations.

3. Win BIG prizes!


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Written by Bridget Sobieraj

Community Manager at MaximusLife - On mission to help people live their greatest life for the good of all. We’ve re-defined how we all set goals for life and engage & support good causes all around us. Charity challenges bring technology to non-profits while engaging a global audience for good.

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