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Okay Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t officially qualify this is a “hack”. But hacking is such a cool and heavily used term now that I wanted to see what it felt like to be one of the cool kids ūüôā


So here’s the idea.


Give Some of your Revenue Away


Not what you expected to hear when you clicked on this right?? Now give me a minute to explain.


In 1846 there was a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis who was practicing in a maternity ward in Vienna. As a doctor committed to saving lives and improving humanity he faced one extremely troubling problem. The newborns in his department were dying at an alarming rate.


Through his research he noticed two things:

1) The mortality rate was much better when midwives delivered and cared for the babies.

2) His autopsies showed that both adults and the children were dying from the same disease.


The connection between these was that the midwives only cared for the pregnant mothers and the babies. Whereas the doctors performed autopsies and cared for the pregnant mothers and babies.


It turns out, the doctors were the problem. They did not wash their hands between the autopsies and caring for patients.


Doctor Semmelweis saved countless lives with the simple idea of washing hands.




If something as simple as hand washing can change the world, couldn’t you change the world with something as simple as living on less?


Here is why this idea is so transformational for you and your business:


It’s heart changing.


Very few things have a greater impact on our hearts than generosity.

Here is my recommendation to kickstart your business:


– Pick a percentage of your revenue to donate.

– Pick a non profit or cause that you connect with emotionally.

– Give generously with an open heart.

– Talk openly about this change with clients, prospects and your network.


I promise you, if your heart is in this, people will notice. Your business will grow because of your genuine generosity. As business grows, you can give more and the world will be changed.

Simple right?

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