3 Quick Questions With Social Entrepreneur Ricardo Jose Bueso, Co-Founder of THX



THX  is a social enterprise that has taken a creative, innovative, and inspiring spin on what it means to be an active lifestyle brand. Designed to provide responsibly sourced, accessibly priced, daily use goods while donating 100% of its profits to nonprofits, THX sells a selection of high-quality men’s and women’s fragrances, as well as deliciously impactful Direct-Trade Guatemalan coffee. In short, THX creates everyday lifestyle products that foster generosity, give to great causes and inspire thankfulness. They do all this with fully transparent prices, so you know exactly what money is going where and for what reason.


1: When someone asks you what your company is, how do you explain it to them?


Thx is a social good lifestyle brand working with a nonprofit spirit. We create everyday products that support everyday causes, big and small. For every purchase our customers make, they get to choose a nonprofit (from a list of over 1.8 million) and give any donation amount of their choice.


2: What has been the most exciting thing about starting your social enterprise?


The most exciting thing about starting Thx has been our love, desire and passion to create a genuine platform for social good. Today, everyone wants to do good. From ethical product shopping to donating to charity, our generation has shown a desire to help. At Thx, we set out to connect people to the causes they care about through the ethical, everyday products they love to use.


3: What is the greatest struggle you face running a social enterprise?


One of our biggest endeavors running a social enterprise is finding the right ways to show people the ability they have to affect change and creating the system that allows them to do it. With so many distractions competing for attention, every social enterprise needs to give people clear reasons to care. By allowing our customers to donate what they want to any registered nonprofit in America, we’re empowering customers by putting impact in their hands for the first time.


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